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Ohio Cardinal Conference
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ClassificationOHSAA Divisions I-IV
Region Ohio
Sports fielded19
No. of members7
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The Ohio Cardinal Conference, which began play in 2003, is an OHSAA athletic league whose members are from Ashland, Holmes, Richland, and Wayne counties in Ohio. The conference name stems from the local legacy of the Cardinal Conference.

The previous Cardinal Conference included: New Philadelphia, Dover, Coshocton, Ashland, Mansfield Malabar & Mansfield Madison.


In 2001, local athletic directors met in Mansfield, Ohio to discuss the formation of a new athletic conference; seven schools agreed to form the Ohio Cardinal Conference.[1] Clear Fork, the only non-original member of the conference, joined for the 2004-05 season. Five of the initial member schools came from the disbanding Ohio Heartland Conference: Ashland, Lexington, Mansfield Madison, Mansfield Senior, and Orrville.[2] West Holmes joined from the Mohican-Area Conference, and Wooster from the Federal League.[2]

Bureaucratically, the conference had some early struggles. The first conference commissioner, Jim Glauer, resigned in 2002 before the league even began play.[3] He was replaced by Ron Dessecker from Orrville, who remains the current commissioner.

Lexington High School has dominated the OCC athletically since the conference's inception. It has won nine consecutive all-sports trophies, the award given to the school with the greatest success in all conference athletic competitions.[4] It also has won the girls' tennis conference title every year in the conference's history, and has won three state title in that sport.[5] The Lex boys' tennis team won all but one conference title and two state titles in the same. Other schools have dominated specific sports in much the same way:Madison girls have dominated the league in volleyball, and boys' baseball. Mansfield Senior has been the champion or co-champion in boys' basketball in nine of 11 league seasons, Wooster has won all eleven boys' swimming and nine girls' swimming titles, and Ashland had four running girls' soccer championships.[1]

West Holmes High School revived discussions that had begun in 2007 with the East Central Ohio League to leave the Ohio Cardinal Conference effective the 2009-10 school year, which would leave the conference with an odd number of teams.[6] West Holmes has since decided, at least for the time being, to remain in the Ohio Cardinal Conference.

An invitation for membership was extended to Triway High School in 2009, but Triway's administration voted to remain in the PAC-8.[7]

In March 2015, Orrville was invited to join the PAC-8 in 2016 as a replacement for schools that are leaving that league.[8] As a result of the Red Riders' imminent departure, Mount Vernon was invited to replace them in 2016.[9]

In March 2016, the OCC voted to kick out Clear Fork following the 2017-18 school year.[10] The Colts will subsequently join the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference in 2017-18 instead.


The current member schools of the OCC.
School Nickname Location Colors Middle school(s) Tenure
Ashland Arrows Ashland Orange, Black
Ashland MS 2003-
Lexington Minutemen Lexington Purple, Gold
Lexington JHS 2003-
Madison Comprehensive Rams Madison Twp. Green, White
Madison JHS 2003-
Mansfield Tygers Mansfield Orange, Brown
Mansfield MS 2003-
Mount Vernon Yellow Jackets Mount Vernon Orange, Black
Mount Vernon MS 2016-
West Holmes Knights Millersburg Blue, Red, White
West Holmes MS 2003-
Wooster Generals Wooster Blue, Gold
Edgewood MS 2003-

Former members[edit]

School Nickname Location Colors Middle school(s) Tenure
Clear Fork Colts Bellville Green, Black, White
Clear Fork MS 2004-2017
Orrville Red Riders Orrville Red, White, Black
Orrville MS 2003-2016

Conference rivalries[edit]

  • Mansfield vs. Madison
  • Ashland vs. Lexington
  • Mansfield vs. Ashland
  • Lexington vs. Madison
  • Mansfield vs. Lexington

Non-conference rivalries[edit]

  • Orrville vs. Wooster
  • West Holmes vs. Triway
  • West Holmes vs. Hiland
  • Lexington vs. Clear Fork
  • Madison vs. Shelby
  • Lexington vs. Ontario
  • Mansfield Sr. vs. Massillion Washington

State championships[edit]

This table only includes state championships won by schools while a member of the Ohio Cardinal Conference:

School Sport Year(s)
Ashland none
Clear Fork Boys' Baseball 2010[11]
Lexington girls' tennis; boys' tennis, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012; 2004, 2013
Madison none
Mansfield none
Orrville Volleyball 2003[12]
West Holmes Girls' Basketball 2014[13]
Wooster none

Boys' league championships[14][edit]

School Year Football Cross Country Soccer Golf Basketball Wrestling Swimming Baseball Track & Field Tennis
2003-04 Wooster Wooster Lexington Ashland Wooster, Mansfield West Holmes Wooster Ashland Wooster Lexington
2004-05 Wooster Wooster Lexington Ashland Mansfield [15] Wooster Wooster Lexington, Madison Ashland Lexington
2005-06 Madison, Orrville Lexington Ashland, Wooster Ashland, Wooster Mansfield [16] Ashland Wooster Madison Lexington Lexington
2006-07 Ashland Wooster Wooster Lexington Mansfield [17] West Holmes Wooster Ashland Lexington Wooster
2007-08 Ashland Lexington Wooster Lexington Lexington, Mansfield [18] West Holmes Wooster Wooster Lexington Lexington
2008-09 Lexington Lexington Lexington Ashland Madison [19] Lexington Wooster Clear Fork Lexington Lexington
2009-10 Ashland Lexington Clear Fork, Lexington Ashland Mansfield [20] Lexington Wooster Clear Fork Lexington Lexington
2010-11 Clear Fork Ashland Wooster Ashland Lexington [21] Lexington Wooster Wooster Lexington Lexington
2011-12 Ashland Wooster Madison Ashland Lexington, Mansfield [22] Lexington Wooster Ashland Lexington Lexington
2012-13 Madison, Mansfield, West Holmes Ashland Ashland Lexington Mansfield Lexington Wooster Lexington Wooster Lexington
2013-14 Mansfield Ashland Ashland Lexington West Holmes Lexington Wooster Madison Wooster Lexington
2014-15 West Holmes, Wooster Ashland Lexington Lexington Ashland Lexington Wooster Lexington, Madison Wooster Lexington
2015-16 Ashland, Mansfield, Wooster Ashland Ashland Lexington Lexington Ashland Wooster Wooster Ashland Ashland
2016-17 Ashland, Lexington Lexington Wooster Ashland Wooster Ashland Wooster Mt Vernon Ashland Ashland
2017-18 Ashland, Mansfield Sr, Wooster Lexington Wooster Lexington, Wooster Lexington, Mt Vernon Ashland Lexington Lexington Ashland Lexington

Girls' league championships[14][edit]

School Year Volleyball Cross Country Soccer Tennis Golf Basketball Swimming Softball Track & Field
2003-04 Orrville Ashland Lexington Lexington began in 2013 Orrville Wooster Ashland Lexington
2004-05 Orrville, Madison, Lexington, West Holmes Ashland Ashland Lexington n/a Orrville Lexington Lexington Lexington
2005-06 Wooster Lexington Ashland Lexington n/a Wooster [23] Wooster Clear Fork Ashland
2006-07 Wooster Ashland Ashland Lexington n/a Lexington Wooster Ashland Ashland
2007-08 Wooster Lexington Ashland Lexington n/a West Holmes Wooster Clear Fork, Wooster Orrville
2008-09 Madison Wooster Ashland Lexington n/a West Holmes Wooster Clear Fork, Lexington Ashland
2009-10 Lexington, Madison, Orrville Lexington Lexington, Wooster Lexington n/a Orrville [24] Wooster Clear Fork Ashland
2010-11 Madison Lexington Clear Fork Lexington n/a West Holmes Lexington Clear Fork Ashland
2011-12 Madison Lexington Wooster Lexington n/a West Holmes Wooster Orrville Orrville
2012-13 Lexington Lexington Ashland Lexington n/a West Holmes Wooster Madison West Holmes
2013-14 Madison, Orrville Lexington Clear Fork Lexington Ashland West Holmes Wooster Ashland West Holmes
2014-15 Orrville Lexington Wooster Lexington Lexington Wooster

All Sports Championships[edit]

2003-04 Wooster [25]
2004-05 Lexington
2005-06 Lexington
2006-07 Lexington
2007-08 Lexington
2008-09 Lexington
2009-10 Lexington [26]
2010-11 Lexington
2011-12 Lexington
2012-13 Lexington
2013-14 Ashland

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