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Ohio Department of Public Safety

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Department of Public Safety
Department overview
HeadquartersCharles D. Shipley Building
1970 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio
Department executive
  • Tom Stickrath, Director of Public Safety
The ODPS and ODOT campus in Columbus's Hilltop neighborhood

The Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) is the administrative department of the Ohio state government[1] responsible for the protection and safety of residents and visitors. The Department of Public Safety's headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio.


On May 19, 1953, Amended House Bill 243 created the Ohio Department of Highway Safety, consisting of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Ohio State Highway Patrol, effective October 2, 1953.[2] On September 24, 1992, the department was renamed the Ohio Department of Public Safety.[3]


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