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State Route 2 marker

State Route 2
Route of SR 2 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length227.13 mi[2] (365.53 km)
Major junctions
West end SR 37 near Hicksville
East end US 20 in Painesville Township
CountiesDefiance, Williams, Fulton, Lucas, Ottawa, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake
Highway system
SR 1SR 3
US 23SR 23US 24

State Route 2 (SR 2), formerly known as Inter-county Highway 2 until 1921[3] and State Highway 2 in 1922,[4] is an east–west highway crossing most of northern Ohio. Its western terminus is at the Indiana state line near Hicksville where the route becomes Indiana State Road 37 which continues to Fort Wayne, Indiana. The eastern terminus of the route is in Painesville Township in Lake County at U.S. Route 20 (US 20).

Route description[edit]

It passes through Bryan, Wauseon (where it briefly becomes a couplet[5]), and enters greater Toledo west of its interchange with the Ohio Turnpike. It continues east from greater Toledo and soon parallels Lake Erie, becoming a freeway near Port Clinton. From Oregon to Sandusky SR 2 is part of 293 miles (472 km) of the highway designated the "Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail".[6] and on September 22, 2005 was designated a National Scenic Byway.[7] From Toledo to Sandusky the highway is also part of and designated the Lake Erie Circle Tour that is also part of the 6,500-mile (10,500 km) "Great Lakes Circle".[8] It then passes Sandusky, where it meets U.S. Route 250 and U.S. Route 6, and separates from the lakeshore as a freeway, and traverses rural Erie County before entering Lorain County. Near Elyria, it joins Interstate 90, whose route it shares to Rocky River, where it follows State Route 254 along Detroit Road into Lakewood. Here it again joins U.S. 6, as well as U.S. Route 20 on Clifton Blvd. It then becomes part of the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway in Cleveland, joining I-90 again near Burke Lakefront Airport. These two highways split near Euclid, and State Route 2 continues along the Lakeland Freeway to Painesville, feeding into U.S. 20 eastbound. State Route 2 serves as an access route to lakeshore attractions on Lake Erie from Toledo and Cleveland and as an alternative to the Ohio Turnpike.

The stretch of SR 2 from Toledo to Sandusky passes several attractions. The Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is just east of SR 19 in Carroll Township. It sits on 733 acres (297 ha) along with the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station.

SR 2 is the lowest numbered state route in Ohio. Ohio State Route 1 was decommissioned in 1965.


The section of State Route 2 that runs through Erie County is called the "Jackie Mayer Miss America Highway" and is named for Jackie Mayer, a former Miss America who was born and raised in Sandusky.[9]

The section of State Route 2 that runs through Willoughby is named "Brian Montgomery Memorial Highway"[10] in honor of a Marine Lance Corporal that was killed in the Iraq War in August 2005.[11]

Western terminus of SR 2
Eastern terminus of SR 2


  • 1912: Intercounty Highway 2 runs from Cleveland to the Pennsylvania state line.[12]
  • 1923: Route is extended to follow current US 6 alignment from the Indiana state line to Bryan, and current SR 51 and US 20 from Toledo to the Pennsylvania state line.[13]
  • 1926–1927: Rerouted from Toledo to Cleveland along previous SR 23 alignment from Toledo to Port Clinton, previously unnumbered route from Port Clinton to 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Sandusky, and previous SR 12 from 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Sandusky to Cleveland. Cleveland-to-Pennsylvania alignment certified as US 20.[13]
  • 1931: Extended east to Willoughby along previously unnumbered route (St. Clair).
  • 1931–1932: Western terminus shortened to Bryan, Bryan to Indiana state line certified as US 6
  • 1936: Extended to Indiana state line via the former SR 108 alignment from Hicksville to Bryan, and the former SR 18 alignment from the Indiana state line to Hicksville, with which it was dually certified along this route until 1940.[13]
  • 1939: SR 18 alignment removed from SR 2 alignment west of Hicksville.[13]
  • 1939: Route extended east to Lost Nation Road in Willoughby.
  • 1941: SR 2 from West 6th to East 9th moved from Lakeside Avenue to the Lakefront Highway, later called the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway. Lakeside certified as SR 2 temporary.
  • 1962: Extended east to SR 283 in Painesville; Euclid-to-Painesville alignment upgraded to freeway.[13]
  • 1967: 9 miles (14 km) west of Sandusky to 4 miles (6.4 km) west of Sandusky upgraded to freeway, and rerouted on the bypass around Sandusky on former US 6 alignment.[13]
  • 1967: Route extended to its current eastern terminus at US 20 in Painesville Township
  • 1968: From SR 163 to 9 miles (14 km) west of Sandusky upgraded to freeway.[13]
  • 1970: From 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Amherst to SR 83 (SR 76 at that time) upgraded to freeway; from 4 miles (6.4 km) east of Amherst to SR 83 dually certified with I-90.[13]
  • 1973–1975: OH 2 Alt is deleted as discontinuous sections of Route 2 are moved from US 6 to I-90.
  • 1976: From Ceylon to 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Amherst upgraded to freeway.[13]
  • 1977: From SR 83 to Rocky River upgraded to freeway and dually certified with I-90.[13]
  • August 30, 1990: From Huron to Ceylon upgraded to freeway.[14]

Major intersections[edit]

DefianceHicksville Township0.000.00 SR 37 southContinuation into Indiana
Hicksville2.353.78 SR 49 southSouthern end of SR 49 concurrency
2.664.28 SR 18 westSouthern end of SR 18 concurrency
3.074.94 SR 18 eastNorthern end of SR 18 concurrency
3.675.91 SR 49 northNorthern end of SR 49 concurrency
Farmer Township11.2218.06 SR 249 westWestern end of SR 249 concurrency
13.2321.29 SR 249 eastEastern end of SR 249 concurrency
WilliamsCenter Township16.6526.80 SR 576 northSouthern terminus of SR 576
17.9228.84 US 6 westWestern end of US 6 concurrency
Pulaski Township20.3532.75 US 6 east
US 127 south / SR 15 south
Eastern end of US 6 concurrency; southern end of US 127/SR 15 concurrency
Bryan21.3934.42 US 127 north / SR 15 north
SR 34 west
Northern end of US 127/SR 15 concurrency; western end of SR 34 concurrency
Springfield Township29.9048.12 SR 34 east
SR 191 south
Eastern end of SR 34 concurrency; southern end of SR 191 concurrency
Stryker31.7851.14 SR 191 northNorthern end of SR 191 concurrency
FultonArchbold38.0361.20 SR 66 southSouthern end of SR 66 concurrency
German Township39.6463.79 SR 66 northNorthern end of SR 66 concurrency
WauseonSR 2D eastWestern terminus of SR 2D; eastbound unsigned
48.8278.57 SR 108 southSouthern end of SR 108 concurrency
SR 2D westEastern terminus of SR 2D; signed as SR 2 westbound
50.4281.14 US 20A west / SR 108 northNorthern end of SR 108 concurrency; western end of US 20A concurrency
York Township55.4489.22 SR 109 northWestern end of SR 109 concurrency
Delta57.2292.09 SR 109 southEastern end of SR 109 concurrency
Swanton63.42102.06 SR 64 north (Main Street)Western end of SR 64 concurrency
LucasSwanton Township64.14103.22 SR 64 south (Waterville–Swanton Road)Eastern end of SR 64 concurrency
65.89106.04 US 20A east / SR 295 south (Wilkins Road)Eastern end of US 20A concurrency; western end of SR 295 concurrency
66.68107.31 SR 295 north (Berkey–Southern Road)Eastern end of SR 295 concurrency
Monclova Township67.60108.79 I-80 / I-90 / Ohio TurnpikeExit 52 on I-80/I-90/Ohio Tpk.
Springfield Township73.92118.96 I-475 / US 23Exit 8 on I-475/US 23
Toledo75.37121.30 US 20
79.39127.77 US 24former US 25
80.95130.28 SR 25 to I-75Anthony Wayne Trail, formerly US 24
82.26132.38 SR 51 north (Summit Street) / SR 65 northWestern end of SR 51/SR 65 concurrency
82.62132.96Anthony Wayne Bridge over Maumee River
83.06133.67 SR 65 south (Oak Street)Eastern end of SR 65 concurrency
83.51134.40 SR 51 south (Woodville Road)Eastern end of SR 51 concurrency
Oregon84.90136.63 I-280 / LECT northWestern end of LECT concurrency; exit 7 on I-280
OttawaBenton Township99.30159.81 SR 579 west (Williston Road)Eastern terminus of SR 579
101.06162.64 SR 590 southNorthern terminus of SR 590
Carroll Township105.01169.00 SR 19 southNorthern terminus of SR 19
Erie Township114.21183.80 SR 358 southNorthern terminus of SR 358
Rest Area (at grade intersection)
Western end of freeway section
115.49185.86115 SR 163 – Oak Harbor, GenoaEastbound entrance and westbound exit
Bay Township117.54189.16117 SR 53 south – FremontWestern end of SR 53 concurrency
Portage Township121.33195.26121 SR 163 – Port Clinton, Catawba IslandDouble trumpet interchange; signed as 121A (west) and 121B (east); via unsigned SR 2C
123.74199.14124 SR 53 north – Catawba IslandEastern end of SR 53 concurrency
Danbury Township124.82200.88125A SR 269 north – Lakeside, MarbleheadNorthern end of SR 269 concurrency
125BBay Shore RoadAccess to Bay Shore Road from SR 269
Sandusky Bay126.45203.50Thomas A. Edison Memorial Bridge
ErieMargaretta Township128.34206.54 SR 269 south – Castalia, Bay ViewSouthern end of SR 269 concurrency
Sandusky130.75210.42 US 6 / LECT east – Sandusky, FremontEastern terminus of LECT concurrency
Margaretta Township132.70213.56 SR 101 – Castalia, SanduskyEastern terminus of SR 101
Perkins Township134.58216.59 SR 4 to Ohio Turnpike – Bucyrus, Sandusky
138.45222.81 US 250 – Norwalk, Sandusky
Huron141.87228.32 US 6 west (Rye Beach Road)Western end of US 6 concurrency
142.84229.88 US 6 east – HuronEastern end of US 6 concurrency; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Huron Township144.76232.97 SR 13 – Huron, Norwalk
Berlin Township147.14236.80Berlin Road
148.67239.26148 SR 61 – Berlin HeightsExit numbered only on westbound side
Vermilion Township156.02251.09156 SR 60 – Wakeman, Vermillion
LorainBrownhelm Township157.27–
Lorain Service Plaza / Rest Area
Vermillion158.39254.90158Vermilion Road / Sunnyside RoadExit numbered only on eastbound side
160.21257.83160 To Ohio Turnpike Baumhart Road
Amherst162.73261.89163North Lake Street / Oak Point Road
164.43264.62164 SR 58 – Amherst, Lorain
Lorain166.55268.04166Middle Ridge Road / Broadway Avenue
Elyria Township168.15270.61 I-90 west (Ohio Turnpike Connector) to I-80 / Ohio Turnpike west – ToledoWestern end of I-90 concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; I-90 exit 144
Elyria169.39272.61145 SR 57 to I-80 / Ohio Turnpike – Elyria, LorainExit numbers follow I-90 west of the turnpike
Sheffield171.84276.55148 SR 254 – Sheffield, Avon
Avon175.01281.65151 SR 611 – Avon, Sheffield
176.74284.44153 SR 83 – Avon, Avon Lake
155Nagel Road
CuyahogaWestlake156Crocker Road / Bassett Road
183.08294.64159 SR 252 Columbia Road
160Clague RoadWestbound exit, eastbound entrance
Rocky River185.29298.20 I-90 east (Northwest Freeway) / SR 254 west (Detroit Road)Eastern end of I-90 concurrency; western end of SR 254 concurrency; no access to I-90 eastbound from SR 2 westbound
Eastern end of freeway section
186.63300.35 SR 254 eastEastern end of SR 254 concurrency
186.95300.87 US 6 west / LECTInterchange; western end of US 6 and LECT concurrency; westbound left exit and eastbound left entrance
Lakewood187.81302.25 US 20 west / SR 113 west / SR 237 south (West Clifton Boulevard)Western end of US 20 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 113; northern terminus of SR 237
ClevelandWestern end of freeway
Lake Avenue / West BoulevardWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
West 73rd StreetAccess to West 73rd Street opened December 12, 2015;[16]
exit formerly known as Edgewater Park, Whiskey Island
193.54311.47West 45th StreetEastbound exit and entrance
193West 49th StreetWestbound exit and entrance
193.86311.99193B US 6 east / US 20 east to US 42
(West 25th Street)
Eastern end of US 6/US 20 concurrency; to US 6 alt & SR 3 (unsigned); eastbound exit and westbound entrance; eastbound entrance in planning stages[17]
193.8311.9194West 28th Street – Flats WestWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; entrance to be closed to reroute entrance traffic via 45th.[17]
Main Avenue Bridge over the Cuyahoga River
194.65313.26194Lakeside Avenue / West 6th StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
194.65313.26195BWest 3rd StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
195.31314.32195AEast 9th Street – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
City of Cleveland ParkingEastbound entrance; former exit removed after 1979[18]
195BCity of Cleveland ParkingEastbound exit and entrance, first exit
195ACity of Cleveland Parking – Amtrak StationEastbound exit and entrance, second exit
196B I-90 west to I-71 / I-77 south – Toledo, ColumbusEastbound exit
196.17315.71196South Marginal RoadWestbound exit and entrance
196.61316.41 I-90 west to I-71 / I-77 south – Toledo, ColumbusWestern end of I-90 westbound concurrency; westbound exit and entrance from I-90 via exit 174B; eastbound entrance via eastbound I-90 from the Innerbelt
196CSouth Marginal RoadEastbound exit
Western end of eastbound concurrency with I-90
175East 55th Street / Marginal RoadsExit numbers west of Dead Man's Curve follow I-90
176 SR 283 west (East 72nd Street)Western end of SR 283 concurrency
177Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
Bratenahl178Eddy Road
202.30325.57179 SR 283 east / LECT (Lakeshore Boulevard)Eastern end of SR 283 and LECT concurrencies; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Cleveland180East 140th Street / East 152nd StreetSigned as exits 180A (East 140th Street) and 180B (East 152nd Street) eastbound
181East 156th StreetWestbound entrance and exit
182AEast 185th Street
182BEast 200th Street
Euclid183East 222nd Street
184 SR 175 (East 260th Street) / Babbitt RoadSigned as exit 184B eastbound; Babbitt Rd. not signed eastbound
207.79334.41207 I-90 east to I-271 south – Erie Pa.Left exit westbound; exit numbers follow SR 2 in Lake County; eastern end of I-90 concurrency; exit 185 on I-90 westbound
LakeWickliffe208.74335.93208Lloyd Road ( SR 633) – WickliffeAccess via Lakeland Boulevard
municipal line
210.21338.30210East 305th Street – Willowick
Eastlake211.62340.57211 SR 91 – Eastlake
Willoughby212.40341.82212 SR 640 (Vine Street) – Willoughby
213.82344.11213Lost Nation Road
Mentor215.34346.56215 SR 306 to US 20 – Kirtland, Mentor-on-the-Lake
217.95350.76217 SR 615 – Mentor
221.02355.70220 SR 44 north (Heisley Road) – Grand RiverWestern end of SR 44 concurrency
Painesville Township221.94357.18221 SR 44 south to I-90 – ChardonEastern end of SR 44 concurrency
Painesville223.16359.14223 SR 283 to SR 535 – Painesville, Fairport Harbor
Painesville Township225.92363.58225 SR 535 (Fairport Nursery Road)Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
227.26365.74227 US 20 east – Ashtabula
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes[edit]

SR 2 Temporary[edit]

Temporary plate.svg
OH-2 (1960).svg

State Route 2 Temporary
  • State Route 2 temporary was a designation that ran from West 6th to East 9th along Lakeside ave. in downtown Cleveland. The designation was added when the final alignments of SR 2 were moved to the then new Lakeside Highway, later referred to as the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway. The route's eastern terminus was moved to Public Square via Ontario St. in 1957.

SR 2C[edit]

State Route 2C
LocationPort Clinton

SR 2D[edit]

West plate.svg

State Route 2D
  • State Route 2D is part of a couplet in Wauseon, Ohio that is signed as State Route 2.[5][20] SR 2D is signed as SR 2 westbound,[20][21] while SR 2 is signed as SR 2 eastbound,[22] (except west of East Elm Street, where SR 2D meets SR 2 at its western terminus[23]). The route ends at the corner of East Linfoot Street and North Shoop Avenue.[20]

Cultural references[edit]

In the 2014 film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway is used to depict a freeway in Washington, D.C.[24]



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