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State Route 4 marker

State Route 4
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length207.22 mi[1] (333.49 km)
Major junctions
South end US 42 in Cincinnati
North end US 6 / SR 101 in Sandusky
CountiesHamilton, Butler, Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Champaign, Union, Delaware, Marion, Crawford, Seneca, Huron, Erie
Highway system
SR 3SR 5
US 52OH-52 (1920).svgSR 53
State Route 4 concurrent with State Routes 19 and 100 near Bucyrus

State Route 4 (SR 4), formerly known as Inter-county Highway 4 until 1921[2] and State Highway 4 in 1922,[3] is a major north–south state highway in Ohio. It is the fifth longest state route in Ohio. Its southern terminus is at U.S. Route 42 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and its northern terminus is at U.S. Route 6 in Sandusky, Ohio. Its path is nearly ruler-straight for many miles. Some portions of the route are still marked as Dixie Highway. The northern portion was constructed by the Columbus and Sandusky Turnpike Company, see Turnpike Lands.

Route description[edit]

State Route 4 begins in Cincinnati, running through Middletown as well as Dayton, then joining Interstate 70, with which it runs concurrently for over three miles. The route then goes through Springfield and continues to Marion. It then travels to Bucyrus, finally heading northeast to Sandusky, where it ends.

The portion of SR 4 between High Street (SR 129) and North Fair Avenue in Hamilton is designated as the "Firefighter/Paramedic Patrick Wolterman Memorial Highway",[4] in honor of a firefighter/paramedic for that city who died December 28, 2015, while battling an intentionally-set house fire. The two men who started the blaze were convicted of murder and arson in November 2017 and sentenced to life in prison. This portion of SR 4 passes by Wolterman's fire station.[5]


  • 1912 – Route ran from Sandusky to Columbus
  • 1924 – Route extended south from Columbus on former SH 5, following current US 23 alignment from Portsmouth to Waldo, and current SR 423 from Waldo to Marion.[6]
  • 1926 – Alignment from Portsmouth to Marion certified as US 23; SR 4 realigned south of Marion to its current southern terminus in Cincinnati, replacing the former SR 6 from Cincinnati to Middletown, the former SR 52 from Middletown to 3 miles (4.8 km) south of Milford Center, and the former SR 38 from Marysville to Marion.[6]
  • 1959 – Alignment from Dayton to Springfield rerouted and upgraded to freeway; segment through Fairborn around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base designated as SR 444.[6]
  • 1967 – Segment from SR 201 to SR 444 upgraded to freeway.[6]
  • 2011 – Dayton segment is rerouted via I-75


Huber Heights safety improvements[edit]

The intersection of SR 4 and New Carlisle Pike/Lower Valley Pike in Huber Heights, between SR 235/Chambersburg Road and Interstate 70, has had at least 15 accidents between 2012 and August 2018, resulting in three fatalities and 20 injuries. The intersection, which is uncontrolled, is along a high-speed portion of SR 4 that is near-expressway in character; additionally, the median is not wide enough to allow longer vehicles such as tractor-trailers to wait there safely before making a left turn (north) from New Carlisle Pike onto SR 4. Fixes for the problem intersection, all rejected, included adding lights and signage; closing the intersection; adding a traffic light; constructing a roundabout; adding an overpass; requiring traffic from New Carlisle Pike to northbound SR 4 to instead travel southbound to the SR 235/Chambersburg Road interchange, exit and re-enter northbound; and rerouting New Carlisle Pike to Chambersburg Road.[7][8][9] At the August 6, 2018 Huber Heights city council meeting, an engineering firm hired by the city, working in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), proposed two alternatives. The first, a restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT) (also known as a superstreet), would prohibit left turns from New Carlisle Pike or Lower Valley Pike, and cross-traffic between the two; those movements would be accomplished via right turns onto SR 4, followed by designated median U-turns. Left turns from SR 4 to New Carlisle Pike and Lower Valley Pike would still be permitted. This alternative has an estimated cost of $1 million, with ODOT paying 80% of the cost and the city paying 20%. The second alternative, sometimes called a "basic RCUT", is similar to the first alternative, but would additionally prohibit left turns from SR 4 to New Carlisle Pike and Lower Valley Pike; those movements would be accomplished via median U-turns, followed by right turns. This alternative's estimated cost is $701,000, using the same 80%/20% cost split.[10][11][12][13] A superstreet already exists along the SR 4 Bypass in nearby Butler County.

Major intersections[edit]

HamiltonCincinnati0.000.00 US 42 (Reading Road)
1.201.93 SR 562 (Norwood Lateral Expressway)SR 562 exit 1
2.494.01 SR 561 east (E. Seymour Avenue)
2.664.28 I-75 (Mill Creek Expressway) – DaytonI-75 exit 9
Glendale7.5412.13 SR 747 north (Congress Avenue)
Springdale9.9416.00 I-275 – Dayton, IndianapolisI-275 exit 41
SR 4 Byp. north / Ross Road
Southern end of bypass route
Hamilton18.4629.71 SR 129 (High Street)
Fairfield Township21.2434.18
SR 4 Byp. south
Northern end of bypass route
Liberty Township24.3139.12 SR 747 south – Springdale
Lemon Township26.1342.05 SR 63 east – Monroe, LebanonInterchange
28.7146.20 SR 73 west – Trenton, OxfordSouthern end of SR 73 overlap
Middletown31.1950.20 SR 122 west (Second Avenue)Southern end of SR 122 overlap
31.2550.29 SR 122 east (First Avenue)Northern end of SR 122 overlap
32.7552.71 SR 73 east (N. Verity Parkway)Northern end of SR 73 overlap
MontgomeryGerman Township38.9962.75 SR 123 south – Carlisle, Franklin
Germantown39.9364.26 SR 725 west – Germantown, GratisSouthern end of SR 725 overlap
41.4866.76 SR 725 east – MiamisburgNorthern end of SR 725 overlap
Dayton49.8480.21 US 35 west – EatonInterchange; southern end of US 35 overlap
51.5682.98James H. McGee Boulevard
52.6384.7052 I-75 south / US 35 east – Xenia, CincinnatiNorthern end of US 35 overlap; southern end of I-75 overlap; SR 4 north merges onto I-75 north; exit 52 on I-75
53Third Street / Second Street / Salem Avenue / First Street
54.3487.4554A SR 48 (Main Street) / Grand Avenue
54B I-75 north – ToledoNorthern end of I-75 overlap; SR 4 north departs I-75 north; SR 4 south merges onto I-75 south; exit 54B on I-75
54.9788.47Webster Street / Keowee Street northNorthbound exit and southbound entrance only
55.2188.85Keowee Street southSouthbound exit and northbound entrance only
SR 201 (Valley Street) / SR 202 (Troy Street)
56.3890.73Stanley Avenue / Findlay Street
58.4694.08Harshman Road
59.9596.48 SR 444 north / Valley Street – Fairborn
Huber Heights64.04103.06 SR 235 south (Chambersburg Road)Southern end of SR 235 overlap
65.40105.2541 I-70 west / SR 235 north – New Carlisle, IndianapolisNorthern end of SR 235 overlap; southern end of I-70 overlap; SR 4 north merges onto I-70 east; roadway continues as SR 235 north; exit 41 on I-70
ClarkMad River Township68.51110.2644 I-675 south / Spangler Road – Medway, CincinnatiNorthern end of I-675; I-675 exit 26
70.86114.0447 I-70 east – ColumbusNorthern end of I-70 overlap; exit 47 eastbound and exit 48 westbound (via Enon Road) on I-70
Bethel Township72.30116.36Enon, Donnelsville
73.99119.08 SR 369 north (Lower Valley Pike)
Springfield Township76.43123.00Lower Valley PikeSouthbound exit and northbound entrance only
76.74123.50 US 40 west – DonnelsvilleSouthbound exit and northbound entrance only
77.16124.18 US 68 – Xenia, UrbanaInterchange
Springfield79.19127.44 SR 41 north to SR 72 (Yellow Springs Road)Southern end of SR 41 overlap
79.86128.52 SR 72 (Spring Street)No access from northbound lanes
80.15128.99 US 40 east / SR 41 southNorthern end of US 40 and SR 41 overlaps
Moorefield Township85.06136.89 SR 334 westEastern end of SR 334
ChampaignUnion Township91.61147.43 SR 54 – Catawba, Urbana
94.55152.16 SR 56
Mechanicsburg97.72157.27 SR 29 / SR 559 north (Main Street)
Goshen Township101.69163.65 SR 161 westSouthern end of SR 161 overlap
UnionUnion Township103.12165.96 SR 161 east – Plain CityNorthern end of SR 161 overlap
105.06169.08 US 36 west – UrbanaSouthern end of US 36 overlap
Paris Township112.95181.78 US 33 west – BellefontaineSouthern end of US 33 overlap
113.29182.32 SR 245 westEastern end of SR 245
Marysville114.85184.83 SR 31 – Kenton
Paris Township115.34185.62 US 33 east / US 36 east – Delaware, ColumbusNorthern end of US 33 and US 36 overlaps
Leesburg Township122.84197.69 SR 347 – Raymond, Delaware
125.77202.41 SR 37 east – Magnetic SpringsSouthern end of SR 37 overlap
Claibourne Township126.73203.95 SR 37 west – RichwoodNorthern end of SR 37 overlap
DelawareThompson Township130.67210.29 SR 47 west – RichwoodSouthern end of SR 47 overlap
MarionProspect Township131.34211.37 SR 47 east – ProspectNorthern end of SR 47 overlap
township line
134.23216.02 SR 203 – Prospect
Marion141.50227.72 SR 4 south / SR 423 south (S. Prospect Street)Directional split begins; northbound traffic follows State Street to Patten Street
141.69228.03 SR 423 southSouthern end of SR 423 overlap
142.06228.62 SR 739 northEastern end of SR 739; one-way couplet
142.24228.91 SR 95 east / SR 309 east (Church Street)One-way couplet
142.33229.06 SR 95 west / SR 309 west / SR 739 south (Center Street)
143.09230.28 SR 4 south / SR 423 south (Klerx Avenue)Directional split ends; southbound traffic follows Klerx Avenue to Prospect Street
Marion Township144.54232.61 SR 423 northNorthern end of SR 423 overlap
Grand Prairie Township147.85237.94 US 23 – Upper Sandusky, Delaware
CrawfordDallas Township152.82245.94 SR 294 – Monnett, Wyandot
Bucyrus159.65256.93 SR 98 south (S. Sandusky Avenue)Southern end of SR 98 overlap
160.52258.33 SR 19 south / SR 100 south (E. Perry Street)Southern end of SR 19 and SR 100 overlaps
160.72258.65 SR 98 north (Plymouth Street)Northern end of SR 98 overlap
Holmes TownshipBucyrus
municipal line
161.52259.94 US 30 – Upper Sandusky, Mansfield
162.07260.83 SR 19 north / SR 100 northNorthern end of SR 19 and SR 100 overlaps
Chatfield170.22273.94 SR 103 west – SycamoreSouthern end of SR 103 overlap
Chatfield Township171.29275.66 SR 103 east – New WashingtonNorthern end of SR 103 overlap
SenecaAttica178.65287.51 US 224 (Tiffin Street)
Reed Township183.01294.53 SR 162 – Republic, North Fairfield
county line
township line
186.64300.37 SR 269 north – Bellevue
HuronSherman Township188.70303.68 SR 547 – Monroeville
Lyme Township193.30311.09 US 20 / SR 18 – Bellevue, Norwalk
194.66313.27 SR 113 – Bellevue, Milan
ErieGroton Township198.76319.87 I-80 / I-90 / Ohio TurnpikeTurnpike exit 110
199.67321.34 SR 99 south – Monroeville
Perkins Township203.42327.37 SR 2 – Toledo, Cleveland, Cedar Point
Sandusky207.22333.49 US 6 / SR 101 west / LECT (Washington Street)Northern end of SR 4 and eastern end of SR 101
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

State Route 4 Bypass[edit]

State Route 4 Bypass
LocationHamilton, Ohio
Map of SR 4 By-Pass

State Route 4 By-Pass (SR 4B or SR 4 Bypass, known locally as Bypass 4)[14] is a 5.97-mile-long (9.61 km)[15] north–south state highway through Butler County in the western part of the state. The route runs from SR 4 in Fairfield to SR 4 in Fairfield Township north of the Hamilton city limits.

SR 4B begins at a quadrant roadway intersection with SR 4 (Dixie Highway) and Ross Road in eastern Fairfield. Here, the connector road is located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection. The route travels north as a divided four-lane road first crossing over a CSX railroad and intersecting Port Union Road. The next three intersections SR 4B has (from south to north: Symmes Road, Tylersville Road, and Hamilton–Mason Road) are superstreet intersections. The roadway briefly expands to three lanes in each direction between Symmes Road and Tylersville Road as it crosses over a Norfolk Southern railroad. This segment also features the Fairfield-Hamilton city boundary. After the Hamilton–Mason Road intersection, SR 4B comes to a diamond interchange with SR 129 (Butler County Veterans Highway). North of Princeton Road, the route shrinks to an undivided two-lane road, passes under an overpass carrying Milliken Road, and ends at a signalized intersection with SR 4.[16] The entirety of SR 4B is included as a part of the National Highway System.[17]

SR 4B was constructed in the early 1970s by ODOT to allow for easier travel between Cincinnati and Middletown.[18][19][20] In the 1990s, the Butler County Transportation Improvement District (BCTID) was formed to help address traffic congestion along the fully two-lane bypass route. Construction started on the widening of SR 4B in 2010 which included the widening of the road from the southern terminus to SR 129, the widening of three bridges, and the creation of three superstreet and one quadrant roadway intersections.[18] The superstreet intersections were completed in 2011.[14][21] Construction of the expanded roadway finished in August 2012 on time and on budget, at a cost of $22.8 million.[22] The BCTID is continuing to study the option of widening SR 4B north of SR 129.[23]

SR 4B is the first superstreet corridor in Ohio.[21] As of April 2013, it was reported that the majority of motorists in the area did not approve of the new design, with some avoiding SR 4B entirely.[22][24]

Major junctions[edit]

The entire route is in Butler County.

Fairfield0.000.00 SR 4 (Dixie Highway) / Ross Road
Fairfield Township4.357.00 SR 129 (Butler County Veterans Highway) to I-75 – Dayton, Cincinnati, HamiltonInterchange
5.979.61 SR 4 (Hamilton–Middletown Road) / Indian Meadows Drive – Hamilton, Middletown
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Route map:

KML is from Wikidata
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