Ohmi Railway Taga Line

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Ohmi Railway Taga Line
Ohmi 220 Tagataishamae 20060925.jpg
220 series electric car at Taga Taisha-mae Station (October 2006)
Native name 近江鉄道多賀線
Type Commuter rail
Termini Takamiya
Taga Taisha-mae
Stations 3
Website http://www.ohmitetudo.co.jp
Opened 8 March 1914 (1914-03-08)
Operator(s) Ohmi Railway
Line length 2.5 km (1.6 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification 1,500 V DC

The Ohmi Railway Taga Line (近江鉄道多賀線 Ōmi Tetsudō Taga-sen?) is a regional railway line in Shiga Prefecture operated by Ohmi Railway. It connects Hikone city and Taga town.

The single-track line is 2.5-kilometre (1.6 mi) long, connecting Takamiya on the Main Line in Hikone to Taga Taisha-mae in Taga. It is electrified at 1,500 V DC, and the track gauge is 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in).

Rolling stock[edit]

  • 220 series single-car EMUs


Station Distance (km) Connections Location
Takamiya 0.0 Ohmi Railway: Main Line Hikone Shiga Prefecture
Screen 0.8
Taga Taisha-mae 2.5 Taga


  • 8 March 1914: Line opens.
  • 12 March 1925: Line is electrified at 600 VDC, this is being increased to 1500 VDC in 1928 in conjunction with the voltage increase on the Main Line.
  • October 1943: Services to Tsuchida Station (between Takamiya and Taga) suspended.
  • October 1953: Tsuchida Station is closed.
  • 11 May 1976: Driver-only operation commences.
  • 1 April 1998: Taga Station renamed Taga Taisha-mae Station.
  • 15 March 2008: Screen Station opens.[1]

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