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OhmyNews International (OMNI) is the worldwide, English-language site of the South Korean online citizen journalism newspaper OhmyNews. OhmyNews International was established by OhmyNews founder Oh Yeon Ho on February 22, 2004 on the principle that "Every citizen in the world is a reporter." It currently has 6,000 citizen reporters from 110 countries.

The OhmyNews citizen journalism model accepts, edits and publishes articles from its readers, in an open source style of news reporting. OMNI employs one full-time editor in South Korea and one full-time editor in the United States. Unlike the Korean OhmyNews, OMNI has no staff reporters, but relies upon a combination of amateur (citizen) reporters and citizen reporters who work in the media.

Unlike citizen journalism sites like Backfence, AgoraVox, and Come4news, OMNI subjects published articles to rigorous editing and fact checking. Citizen reporters must also agree to a strict code of conduct and register with their real names and provide identification at the time of registration.

In addition to straight news reporting and op-ed submissions, OMNI publishes photo essays, poetry and can attach video and audio to the citizen reporters' articles. All articles are available via RSS feeds and Twitter.

The 2nd Annual Citizen Reporters' Forum was held by OhmyNews in Seoul, Korea from July 12 to 15, 2006.

The 3rd Annual Citizen Reporters' Forum was held in Seoul, June 27–29, 2007.

In September 2010, Oh My News International changed its format from citizen journalism to becoming a forum about citizen journalism. OmN became a victim of its own success; verifying facts from around the world became too difficult. The old site http://english.ohmynews.com will be an archive and not accept new articles. [1]


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