Ohn no khao swè

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Ohn no khao swè
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Ohn no kao swè
Alternative namesအုန်းနို့ခေါက်ဆွဲ; ohn no khauk swe; ohn no khau swe
CourseBreakfast, Brunch
Place of originMyanmar
Main ingredientsWheat noodles, curried chicken in coconut milk broth, hard boiled egg, crisp noodles, sliced onions, chili
VariationsNo khao swè (milk noodles)

Ohn no khao swè (Burmese: အုန်းနို့ခေါက်ဆွဲ; MLCTS: un: nui. hkauk hcwai: IPA: [ʔóʊɴ no̰ kʰaʊʔ sʰwɛ́]; also spelt ohn no khauk swe, on no khauk swe, ohn no khauk sway, ohn no khau sway, ohn no khau swe) is a Burmese dish consisting of wheat noodles in a curried chicken and coconut milk broth. The dish is often garnished with crisp fried bean fritters, sliced raw onions, chillies, crisp noodles, and slices of hard-boiled egg, and zested with lime or lemon juice and fish sauce.

Due to the popular link between coconut milk and hypertension, a variation which uses evaporated milk instead of coconut milk is also available in certain restaurants. The rest of the ingredients are the same.

Ohn no khao swè bears similarity to the Malaysian laksa, while its closest relations can be said as the khao soi of Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang, and the Indian khow suey which was inspired by Ohn no khao swè.

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