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Ohrenbär – Radiogeschichten für kleine Leute (English: radio stories for little people) is a literary radio program broadcast in German for children between four and eight years. Ohrenbär started in 1987. It is their version of Betthupferl from Bayerischer Rundfunk, which started in 1948.

Ohrenbär is produced by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) in cooperation with the WDR 5 and NDR Info. It is broadcast daily before 8pm but at different times at those 3 stations. On the RBBs homepage one can download missed episodes as a podcast. Since April 2014 they offer a feed.[1]


Every episode starts with the motif of Peter from Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev. The stories are specifically written for the show and are read by professional speakers. Most of the stories have multiple parts and evolve over a week. At the end of every story a child's voice says:

"Der Ohrenbär, der geht jetzt schlafen. Aber morgen ist er wieder da, mit neuen Radiogeschichten für kleine Leute. Gute Nacht für heute."

"The Ohrenbär, he goes to sleep now. But tomorrow he's back again, with new radio stories for little people. Good night for today."


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