Oil Creek (Allegheny River tributary)

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Oil Creek
Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad bridge spanning Oil Creek
Oil Creek (Allegheny River tributary) is located in Pennsylvania
Oil Creek (Allegheny River tributary)
Location of the mouth of Oil Creek in Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States
CountiesCrawford, Venango
Physical characteristics
 - locationCanadohta Lake, Crawford County, Pennsylvania
 - coordinates41°48′30″N 79°50′31″W / 41.80833°N 79.84194°W / 41.80833; -79.84194[1]
 - elevation2,220 ft (680 m)[2]
MouthAllegheny River
 - location
Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania
 - coordinates
41°25′54″N 79°42′33″W / 41.43167°N 79.70917°W / 41.43167; -79.70917Coordinates: 41°25′54″N 79°42′33″W / 41.43167°N 79.70917°W / 41.43167; -79.70917[1]
 - elevation
985 ft (300 m)[2]
Length46.7 mi (75.2 km)[2]
Basin size319 sq mi (830 km2)[2]

Oil Creek is a 46.7-mile (75.2 km) tributary of the Allegheny River in Venango and Crawford counties in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It has a drainage area of 319 square miles (830 km2) and joins the Allegheny at Oil City. Attractions along the river include the Drake Well Museum and Oil Creek State Park. The stream was named after the oil that was found along its banks before the historic oil strike by Edwin Drake in Titusville, which Oil Creek flows through. Oil Creek is popular with canoeists and fishers. The creek is rated as a beginners creek for those interested in learning how to safely use canoes and kayaks. Oil Creek is a cold water fishery with bass and trout living in its waters.

Oil Creek State Park Railroad Bridge

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