Oil Derrick (Six Flags Over Texas)

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Oil Derrick
Six Flags Over Texas
Area Tower
Coordinates 32°45′29″N 97°04′16″W / 32.758028°N 97.071162°W / 32.758028; -97.071162Coordinates: 32°45′29″N 97°04′16″W / 32.758028°N 97.071162°W / 32.758028; -97.071162
Status Operating
Opening date 1969 (1969)
General statistics
Attraction type Elevator
Manufacturer Intamin
Height 300 ft (91 m)
Capacity 2000 riders per hour
Vehicles 2
Riders per vehicle 50

The Six Flags Over Texas Oil Derrick is a 300-foot (91 m) tall observation tower, and an attraction at the theme park Six Flags Over Texas. It opened in 1969, and is the world's tallest land based oil derrick (although it is actually not functional as such). When the park first opened the tower had a twelve-lane slide, attached at the first balcony level (50 ft), on which riders could slide down on using burlap bags.[1] With two elevators holding 50 people each, the attraction has a capacity of 2000 riders per hour.[2]


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