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The Oil Rags were promotional newspapers issued by the Australian rock band Midnight Oil along with releases of some of their studio albums. There were six volumes of the Oil Rag:

  • Vol. I (1987) "What Midnight Oil Means to Australia", 8 pages, for background information on the band
  • Vol. II (1988) "Consolidated Oil", edited by Denise Officer-Brewster & Andrew McMillan, 8 pages, for the album Diesel and Dust
  • Vol. III (1990) "With Axes In Its Eyes", edited by Denise Officer-Brewster, 8 pages, for the album Blue Sky Mining
  • Vol. IV (1993) "Oils Return to Orbit", edited by Ed St John, 8 pages, for the album Earth and Sun and Moon
  • Vol. V (1996), 4 pages, for the album Breathe
  • Vol. VI (1998) "Redneck Wonderland Advocate", edited by Mark Dodshon for the album Redneck Wonderland

There also was a 1983 release of the same concept for the album 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1[1] ("Oil Change", 4 pages) that was not yet officially named Oil Rag. The Oil Rags among others contained pictures, magazine articles, album lyrics, album and concert reviews and band interviews and were distributed with promotional album releases[2] or in response to fan mail.


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