Oil noodles

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Oil noodles
Shanghai oil noodle.jpg
Shanghai oil noodle
Alternative names Cooked noodles
Type Chinese noodles
Place of origin China
Main ingredients Wheat flour, eggs, egg whites, salt, corn oil, sodium benzoate
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Oil noodles
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 油麵
Simplified Chinese 油面
Literal meaning oil noodle
Filipino name
Tagalog pancit lutong

Oil noodles or cooked noodles is a type of Chinese noodle. It is sometimes used in Cantonese cuisine.


Oil noodles are made of wheat flour, eggs, egg whites, salt, corn oil, and sodium benzoate.


Most oil noodles require boiling or cooking. Some come ready in a pre-cooked state. They can be served hot or cold. Sauce, meat, broth or vegetables can be added.

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