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Ojhri Camp (Urdu: اوجھڑی کیمپ‎) was a military storage center located in Rawalpindi Military District in Rawalpindi, Punjab Province of Pakistan, and the site of the 1988 Ojhri Camp disaster.

On April 10, 1988 the camp, which was used as an ammunition depot for Afghan mujahideen fighting against Soviet forces in Afghanistan, exploded, killing many in Rawalpindi and Islamabad as a result of rockets and other munitions expelled by the blast.[1][2] At the time, the New York Times reported more than 93 were killed and another 1,100 wounded;[3] many believe that the toll was much higher.[4]

Defense Department officials said that they believed that the explosion was the work of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul,[3] but there was also speculation that the explosion was done by Pakistani agents to cover up a pilferage of the weapons stocks, including Stinger missiles.[5]


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