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Ok So-ri (Hangul옥소리; born 23 December 1968) is a South Korean actress. "Ok So-ri" is her stage name. Her real name is Ok Bo-gyeong (옥보경).

In 2008, she was convicted of adultery, for an affair she admitted having with a singer. Her husband, Park Chul (박철), a radio talk show personality, sought the maximum sentence of two years' imprisonment, while the prosecutors were seeking 18 months. Ok blamed her infidelity on a loveless marriage to her husband.[1] She was sentenced, in December 2008, to eight months in prison by a suburban Seoul court, but avoided jail because the sentence was suspended for two years.[2] In September 2008, a lower court had declared both partners jointly responsible for their divorce, and awarded custody of their eight-year-old daughter to Mr Park.[3]

Ok had been trying to overturn a 1953 law that criminalises extramarital affairs and can send a person to jail for up to two years for adultery.[4] For this purpose she brought a case before the Constitutional Court of Korea, which ruled against the actress and in handing the decision said that society would be harmed if it overturned the law,[2] and that the "two-year jail term is not excessive when comparing it to responsibility."[1][4][5]



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