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Automobil Oka (2004).jpg
Manufacturer Oka Auto USA
Production 2003 to present
Assembly SeAZ and KAZ. Conversion at MIROX plant in Nevada
Designer Jury Nikolaevich Kuteev, Y.Vereschagin, I.N.Novikov, Mr. Romanchuk, N.Kozachok and Mr. Rozov
Body and chassis
Class NEV
Body style 2-door Hatchback
Related VAZ-1111
Engine Front mounted (Electric Motor)
Transmission Single Speed Front Wheel Drive
Wheelbase 2,180 mm (86 in)
Length 3,200 mm (130 in)
Width 1,420 mm (56 in)
Height 1,400 mm (55 in)
Curb weight 699 kg (1,541 lb)

The Oka NEV ZEV is an electric Neighborhood Electric Vehicle converted from a VAZ-1111 Oka is sold in the US market by Oka Auto USA. The Oka NEV ZEV can be bought fully assembled or in kit form.

Public Appearances[edit]

The Oka NEV ZEVs have made many appearances at various US car shows including the 2004, 2005 and 2007 Los Angeles Auto Shows, the 2006 Orange County Motor Trend Auto Show and the The Alternative Car and Transportation Expo in 2007 and 2009.


OKA NEV ZEV has been available from OKA AUTO USA since 2003. | 2013 OKA NEV ZEV Model #: 20136241 is priced from US$7,995.00 and many options are available.

Optional Equipment[edit]

|Wheels: 12" or 13" in steel, alloy or chromed steel. |Sun-roof: several models. |Batteries: Additional battery packs for extended range. |Charging: On-Board 90 to 250 VAC Input fully automatic charger, SAE J1772 Charging Inlet.

Power train Details[edit]

2013 OKA NEV ZEV now features AC (alternating current) 3-phase 48V motor controlled by SEVCON controller; 2003 to 2010 versions used 48V DC (direct current) series wound electric motor controlled by ALLTRAX controller.

Oka NEV ZEV Racing[edit]

Oka NEV ZEVs have also come first and second at the LVRSCCA Racing Season RallyCross in the 'SS' class and AutoCross in the 'FP' class. There are three models of Oka racing cars, each can be purchased like regular Oka NEV ZEVs. The Oka Slalom, the track model is $4,990. The Oka Rally, the rally version is $6,000, and the Oka Pro-Rally, the advanced rally version is $9,000.

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