Okatoma Creek

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Okatoma Creek
Okatoma River
EtymologyChoctaw word meaning "shining water"[1]
CountryUnited States
CitySeminary, Mississippi
Physical characteristics
 - coordinates31°56′30″N 89°45′55″W / 31.94167°N 89.76528°W / 31.94167; -89.76528
MouthBouie River
 - coordinates
31°25′50″N 89°24′12″W / 31.43056°N 89.40333°W / 31.43056; -89.40333Coordinates: 31°25′50″N 89°24′12″W / 31.43056°N 89.40333°W / 31.43056; -89.40333
 - elevation
157 ft (48 m)

Okatoma Creek is a tributary of the Bouie River in the U.S. state of Mississippi. It is part of the watershed of the Pascagoula River.

Okatoma Creek is popular for canoeing and kayaking particularly near Seminary, Mississippi, where there are several boat rental businesses. While a far cry from being a challenge to the highly-experienced canoeist, it offers several Class I falls and shoots. It makes for a half-day or full-day trip and can be done comfortably in early spring or late autumn.

The Okatoma Creek (sometimes referred to as the Okatoma River) is known for canoeing, picnicking, and camping. The creek offers lots of flat spots, is easy to paddle, and boats can be ported past the whitewater when needed. Below each of the whitewater areas, and in other spots along the way, there are beaches for swimming. (There are even a few rope swings along the way.)

The average temperatures in Seminary range from 36–39 °F (2–4 °C) in the winter to 86–89 °F (30–32 °C) in the summer. The spring and fall months have higher amounts of rain and offer better rides on the river; the temperatures then ranging from 60–74 °F (16–23 °C).[3]

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