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Okay (sometimes also spelt as O.K.) is a pop group from Frankfurt, Germany.

Their 1987 single "Okay!" reached #2 on the German music chart in 1988 and #1 on the Austrian chart.


  • Marcus Gabler (aka Marc Gable): Vocals, keyboards, tapes, mixing
  • Nikki: Drums, backing vocals
  • Robin Otis: Bass, backing vocals
  • Christian Berg: Keyboards, backing vocals


  • 1987: "Okay!" (single)
  • 1988: "E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N" (single)
  • 1989: "The Wild, Wild, Western" (single)
  • 1989: Bang! (album, CBS)
  • 1990: " Une Grande Affaire" (single)
  • 1991: "World Of Illusion" (single)

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