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Okemesi-Ekiti is a major town in Ekiti West LGA of Ekiti State, Nigeria.[1][2][3] Its population is 30,000 residents.[citation needed]


Okemesi-Ekiti is in the South-West of Nigeria, located within the tropical hinter-land in the rain forest area. It is located on latitude 7.82° North and longitude 4.92° East and an altitude of about 541 meters above mean sea level. Coordinates: 7°49′0″N 4°55′0″E / 7.81667°N 4.91667°E / 7.81667; 4.91667

Okemesi is bounded on the East by Ikoro-Ekiti and Ijero, on the South of Efon Alaaye, on the North of Imesi-Ile and on the West by Esa-Oke both in Osun State. [4] The town lies between two ridges running approximately north - south which cojoin close to the northern boundary and form the east and west limits of the undulating valley and low lands that make Okemesi. The unique terrain creates a scenic view of great tourism potential and value as well as provides below average temperatures during the cooler harmattan season. The low lands are rich in fertile soils which are good for agriculture, while the ridges are rich in quartzites and other minerals of economic value.


Okemesi-Ekiti has its origin from Ile Ife, the ancient seat and ancestral home of the Yoruba race. From historical records, there is blood relationship between Okemesi, Imesi-Ile, Ile Ife and Ilesa. The king of the town is addressed as Owa ooye of Okemesi land. The current king of the town is Oba Gbadebo Adedeji.


The children's writer Remi Adedeji was born here in 1937.


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