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Okija is a city in Ihiala LGA, Anambra State in Nigeria. Okija, the oldest town in the Ihiala local government area, and one of the biggest towns in Igboland. Okijians are generally Christians. It is the home of Madonna University, Okija. In Okija, Orashi River on its flow to the Atlantic, joins Okposi river one of its tributaries.[1] [2]


Okija Shrine[edit]

The Okija Shrine or Ogwuwu Akpu is the popular local shrine in the city. It was a dispute settlement shrine where people with personal, land and business issues go to in order to seek adjudication by the gods.

Notable Nigerians from Okija[edit]

Okija is home to many notable Nigerians, including;

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Reference List[edit]

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