Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation

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Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation
OK Tourism Department logo.png
Department of Tourism and Recreation logo
Agency overview
Formed 1972
Preceding agency
  • Industrial Development and Park Department
Headquarters 900 North Stiles
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • Dick Dutton, Executive Director
Parent agency Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Commission
Website www.oklatourism.gov

The Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation is a department of the government of Oklahoma under the supervision of the Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce and Tourism. The Department is responsible for regulating Oklahoma's tourism industry and for promoting Oklahoma as a tourist destination.

The Department is governed by the a nine-member Tourism and Recreation Commission, with the Governor appointing eight members and the Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma serving as the ninth member and chair of the Commission. The Commission then appoints an Executive Director to administer the Department.

The Department of Tourism and Recreation was created in 1972 during the term of Governor David Hall.


The Department of Tourism and Recreation is led by the Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce and Tourism. Under Governor Mary Fallin, Deby Snodgrass serves as the Secretary while Dick Dutton serves as Executive Director of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

Members of the Commission[edit]

The Department is governed by a nine-member Tourism Commission which hires the Executive Director and establishes policies for the Department. Eight members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Oklahoma Senate. The Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma serves ex officio as the ninth member and Chair of the Commission.

As of 2016, the members of the Commission are:

  • Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb - Oklahoma City
  • Grant Humphreys -- Carlton Creek
  • Robyn Batson - Broken Bow
  • Julie Anne Jacobs Daniels - Bartlesville
  • Dr. Richard G. Henry - Altus
  • Xavier Neira - Norman
  • Chuck Perry - Grove
  • Ronda Roush - Tulsa
  • John "Mike" Wilt - Bartlesville


The Department began in 1931 when the Oklahoma Legislature appropriated $90,000 for the land on which Lake Murray is located. In the late 1930s, the United States Congress directed the United States Army Corps of Engineers to begin construction on several large reservoirs, primarily for flood control and water supply. In 1951, Lake Murray State Park also became the site for the first of seven state-owned resort lodges. Through the years, park, lodge, and tourism programs rested in the Planning and Resources Board, the Department of Commerce and Industry, and the Industrial Development and Park Department. In 1972 the Legislature created the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, now made up of four divisions.


  • Cabinet Secretary
  • Tourism and Recreation Commission
    • Executive Director
      • Administrative Services Division - central offices of the Department, coordinates the fiscal activities of the operating divisions, provides financial information, fiscal control, and payroll, personnel, purchasing, and vendor payment services. It interprets policy and procedures promulgated by the Commission
      • State Parks Division - operates the state parks, lodges and golf courses under the jurisdiction and control of the Commission, researches and develops statistical information and economic development and planning assistance to the Department and to communities throughout the state, and also administers federal grant funds for outdoor recreational development
      • Travel Promotion Division - formulates information and marketing plans and programs designed to attract tourists to the state and oversees the dissemination of information concerning the State's public and private attractions, lodges, parks and recreational facilities, provides assistance to cities, public and private associations and organizations in the promotion of special events of local or historical interest and in the solicitation of conferences, meetings and conventions. Maintains the official Oklahoma travel and tourism website - http://www.travelok.com. The division is also responsible for publication of Oklahoma Today magazine and production of Discover Oklahoma television show, which airs weekly on network stations in Oklahoma and north Texas.
      • Oklahoma Film and Music Division- works with in-state and out-of-state music and film industry officials to promote, support and expand the music and film activity in the state of Oklahoma


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