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State Highway 15 marker

State Highway 15
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Section 1
Length47.1 mi (75.8 km)
West end SH 15 at the Texas state line
East end US-183 / US-412 / US-270 / SH-3 in Woodward
Section 2
Length62.4 mi (100.4 km)
West end US-64 / US-412 / SH-74 east of Enid (concurrent with SH-74)
East end SH-18 north of Pawnee
Highway system
Oklahoma State Highway System

State Highway 15 (abbreviated SH-15 or OK-15) is the name for two once-connected state highways in Oklahoma. One begins at the Texas state line and runs for 47.1 miles[1] (75.8 km) through Woodward; the other runs for 62.4 miles[2] (100.4 km) between U.S. Highway 64/U.S. Highway 412 and State Highway 18 north of Pawnee. SH-15 has no lettered spur routes.

Route descriptions[edit]

Western section[edit]

The western SH-15 begins at the Texas state line, connecting to Texas' State Highway 15 between Catesby and Shattuck. It runs east for seven miles (11.2 km)[3] to US-283, which it overlaps into Shattuck. In Shattuck, SH-15 splits off to the northeast, heading through Gage and Fargo, before ending in Woodward.

Eastern section[edit]

SH-15 just east of I-35

The eastern SH-15 picks up a US-64/412 south of Garber, and begins concurrent with State Highway 74 heading northbound. It splits from SH-74 to head through Billings and has an interchange with Interstate 35 at milemarker 203. It then has a five-mile (8.0 km)[3] concurrency with U.S. Highway 77. After leaving US-77, it passes through Red Rock, and has a 4 miles (6.4 km)[3] concurrency with US-177, and splits off just north of the intersection with the Cimarron Turnpike. It bridges Sooner Lake and runs for 15 more miles (24 more km) before ending at State Highway 18 north of Pawnee.


The two sections of SH-15 were once connected into one highway. However, when U.S. Highway 412 was commissioned, the middle section of highway (from Woodward to Garber) was redesignated as US-412, and SH-15 decommissioned through that section.

Junction list[edit]

Western section[edit]

Ellis0.00.0 SH 15Western terminus, Texas state line
6.510.5 US-283Northern terminus of US-283 concurrency
Shattuck18.329.5 US-283Southern terminus of US-283 concurrency
Gage26.242.2 SH-48
WoodwardWoodward47.175.8 US-183 / US-270 / US-412 / SH-3Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Eastern section[edit]

Garfield0.00.0 US-64 / US-412Western terminus (concurrent with SH-74)
9.515.3 SH-74Northern terminus of SH-74 concurrency
Noble22.936.9 I-35I-35 exit 203
26.442.5 US-77Northern terminus of US-77 concurrency
Ceres31.350.4 US-77Southern terminus of US-77 concurrency
43.469.8 US-177Northern terminus of US-177 concurrency
47.576.4 US-177Southern terminus of US-177 concurrency
Pawnee62.4100.4 SH-18Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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