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Oklahoma Tax Commission
Seal of Oklahoma.svg
Great Seal of Oklahoma
Agency overview
Formed 1931
Headquarters M.C. Connors Building, 2501 N Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Employees 634 classified
273 unclassified
Annual budget $140 million
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • Tony Mastin, Administrator
Website www.oktax.state.ok.us/

The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) is the Oklahoma state government agency that collects taxes and enforces the taxation and revenue laws of the state. The Commission is composed of three members appointed by the Governor of Oklahoma with the approval of the Oklahoma Senate. The Commission then appoints an Administrator to serve as the chief executive officer of the Commission and to oversee the general practices of the Commission.

The Tax Commission was created in 1931 during the term of Governor of Oklahoma William H. Murray.


The current members of the Commission are:

  • Thomas Kemp - Chairman
  • Jerry Johnson - Vice Chairman
  • Dawn Cash - Secretary

The current Commission Administrator is Tony Mastin. Under Governor Mary Fallin, the Commission is under the supervision of Secretary of Finance and Revenue Preston Doerflinger, who is also the Director of the Oklahoma Office of State Finance.


The Commission has responsibility for supervising the administration and enforcement of state tax laws and the collection of a majority of all state-levied taxes and fees. The Commission directs the collection and distribution of the tax and license sources under its administration and, by statute, is responsible for distributing such tax revenues to the various state funds. In addition, the Commission allocates certain state-collected taxes earmarked to counties, school districts and cities directly to local governments.

On a contractual basis with individual cities and counties, the Commission is involved with the administration, collection and distribution of city and county sales taxes and city use taxes.


The Commission is composed of thirteen divisions organized into three administrations: Customer Service, Revenue Administration and Support Services.

  • Tax Commission
    • Administrator
      • Deputy Administrator
        • Customer Service Department has primary responsibility for providing helpful and accurate assistance to the taxpayers of the state
          • Taxpayer Assistance Division
          • Communications Division
          • Central Processing Division
          • Account Maintenance Division
          • Compliance Division
        • Revenue Administration Department is responsible for application and enforcement of policy that directly relates to the collection of revenue
          • Tax Policy Division
          • Motor Vehicle Division
          • Ad Valorem Division
        • Support Services Department provides internal support services to ensure the Commission functions in an efficient manner
          • Human Resources Division
          • Information Technology Division
          • Legal Division
          • Management Services Division


The Tax Commission, with an annual budget of $130 million, is one of the larger employers for the State. For fiscal year 2010, the Commission was authorized 861 employees.[1]

Division Number of Employees
Administration Division 27
Taxpayer Services Division 178
Central Processing Division 54
Compliance Division 278
Ad Valorem Division 34
Tax Policy Division 15
Motor Vehicle Division 93
Management Services 147
Legal Services Division 35
Total 861

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