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Okopipi started in May 2006 as an open source project intending to create a successor to Blue Security's Blue Frog anti-spam project after Blue Frog was abandoned following attacks by spammers.[1] The project has seen no activity since January 2007, and its website disappeared in early 2009. It is considered dead and unlikely to be resurrected.

Unlike Blue Frog, Okopipi sought to use a distributed model in order to avoid any single point of failure. Plans envisaged a P2P network nicknamed "the frognet". On failure to connect, it was planned to still opt-out given e-mail addresses. The project was perpetually in the design phase. It was being specifically engineered to prevent the DDoS accusations levelled against its progenitors. Its peer-to-peer nature was unusual amongst anti-spam solutions, with no other peer-to-peer opt-out solutions of note available. The Thunderbird plugin for Okopipi has been renamed Habu and its main purpose is reporting spam to the SEC, FTC, FDA, SpamCop, and KnujOn.


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