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Oksana Marafioti reading an excerpt from her book,American Gypsy, at the book launch of American Gypsy

Oksana Marafioti is an American writer of Armenian and Russian Romani descent. A classically trained pianist, she graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas' Professional Film Crew Training Program, and worked as a cinematographer before moving into writing.[1][2] In 2010 she contributed a short story to "The Perpetual Engine of Hope," an anthology featuring stories written by seven Las Vegas writers.[3] The "Fairy Tale Review" published her story "Krivoye Lake" in 2012.[4] Her memoir "American Gypsy"[5] describes her experiences in the former Soviet Union and her emigration to the United States as a fifteen-year-old just before the breakup of the USSR.[6] Her writings have appeared in Slate and Time magazines. Oksana is a 2013 Black Mountain Institute-Library of Congress Kluge Center Fellow.


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