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Okuda (奥田) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Amy Okuda, actress
  • Atsuya Okuda, Japanese-born teacher and craftsman of the hocchiku, an unrefined bamboo flute
  • Denise Okuda, author, co-author of the Star Trek Encyclopedia
  • Eiji Okuda (b. 1950), Japanese actor and film director
  • Gensou Okuda (1912 - 2003), Japanese Nihonga painter
  • Hiroki Okuda (奥田 裕貴, born 1992), Japanese footballer
  • Hiroshi Okuda (b. 1932), chairman of the Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Hitoshi Okuda, is a Japanese manga artist
  • Keijin Okuda, (b. 1972), Japanese voice actor
  • Michael Okuda, graphic designer best known for his work on Star Trek
  • Miwako Okuda (b. 1982), Japanese solo ballad, pop, and rock singer
  • Shoji Okuda, Petty Officer who served as an aerial observer in the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • Shuri Okuda (b. 1989), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Shunsaku Okuda, Japanese musician and member of the J-Rock band The Brilliant Green
  • Tamio Okuda (b. 1965), Japanese singer, songwriter, and producer
  • Ted Okuda (b. 1953), American non-fiction author in film, television, and entertainment subjects

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