Okwanuchu language

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Native to United States
Region northern California
Ethnicity Okwanuchu
Extinct (date missing)
Hokan ?
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog okwa1235[1]

Okwanuchu is an extinct Shastan language formerly spoken in northern California. Kroeber described the language as "peculiar. Many words are practically pure Shasta; others are distorted to the very verge of recognizability, or utterly different." Golla[2] speculates at length that the language may have mixed in another, non-Shasta language. Du Bois,[3] interviewing a survivor of a group that the Wintu called Waymaq ("north people"), whom she believed were probably identical to the Okwanuchu, recorded some words, including atsa ("water").[2] Golla writes that eighteen more words are found, under the name "Wailaki [also meaning 'North People'] on McCloud", in an 1884 work by Jeremiah Curtin; he too recorded atsa ("water"), and five words not found elsewhere in Shastan.[2]


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