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Ola Gjeilo
Ola Gjeilo
Background information
Born (1978-05-05) May 5, 1978 (age 44)
Skui, Bærum, Norway
Occupation(s)composer, pianist

Ola Gjeilo (/ˈjl/ YAY-loh,[1] Norwegian: [ˈûːlɑ ˈjæ̀ɪlʊ]; born May 5, 1978) is a Norwegian composer and pianist, living in the United States.[2]

He writes choral music, and has written for piano and wind symphony, publishing through Walton Music, Edition Peters, and Boosey and Hawkes.[2][3]


Ola Gjeilo was born to Inge and Anne-May Gjeilo, and grew up in Skui, Norway. He began playing piano and composing when he was five years old and learned to read music when he was seven years old.[4] Gjeilo studied classical composition with Wolfgang Plagge.[4] In his undergraduate career, Gjeilo studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music (1999–2001), transferred to the Juilliard School (2001), and studied at the Royal College of Music, London (2002–2004) to receive a bachelor's degree in composition.[5] He continued his education at Juilliard (2004–06) where he received his master's degree in 2006, also in composition. From 2009 to 2010, Gjeilo was composer-in-residence for Phoenix Chorale.[4]

He currently resides in Manhattan, working as a freelance composer. He is currently composer-in-residence with DCINY[6] and Albany Pro Musica.[7]

Major compositions[edit]

Sunrise Mass
Orchestrated for strings and choir.[8]
Written for choir, piano, and string orchestra. The text is set from a popular medieval ballad from Norway, Draumkvedet, translated into English by Charles Anthony Silvestri, one of his regular collaborators.[9]
The River
For choir, piano and string quartet. Composed for the 2016 Brock Commission, awarded from the American Choral Directors Association.[10][11]


Note: Piano performed by Ola Gjeilo on all albums.



  • Night (Decca, 2020)[15]
  • Piano Improvisations (2L, 2012)[16]
  • Stone Rose (2L, 2007)[17]


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