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Oladipo Agboluaje (born 1968) is a British playwright. He was born in Hackney and educated in Britain and Nigeria, studying theatre arts at the University of Benin.[1] He later wrote a doctoral thesis at the Open University on West and South African drama.

His works include:

  • Early Morning, at Ovalhouse, produced by Futuretense in 2003.[2]
  • God is a DJ, presented in 2006 at the Redbridge Drama Centre and elsewhere.[3]
  • The Estate, presented in 2006[4] as a co-production of the Tiata Fahodzi company and the Soho Theatre.
  • The Christ of Coldharbour Lane, presented in 2007 at the Soho Theatre, where he was Writer in Residence.[5]
  • For One Night Only, presented on tour and at Ovalhouse in 2008.
  • The Hounding of David Oluwale, an adaptation of Kester Aspden's book Nationality: Wog, about the life and death of David Oluwale, presented at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and elsewhere in 2009.[6]
  • Iya Ile (The First Wife), at Soho Theatre, as a co-production of Tiata Fahodzi and Soho Theatre, 2009.[7]
  • The Garbage King, adaptation of Elizabeth Laird's novel, Unicorn Theatre, 2010.
  • Say Goodbye Twice, BBC Radio 3, first aired in 2010.
  • Giant Killers, Theatre Royal Plymouth/Polka Theatre, 2013.
  • Threshold, Collective Artistes/University of Richmond, Virginia, April 2014.[8]
  • Obele and the Storyteller, World Book Capital, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, April 2014.[9]
  • Immune, Royal and Derngate Northampton, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Theatre Royal Plymouth, 2015.[10]
  • New Nigerians, Arcola Theatre, London, 2017[11]


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