Olaf Hayer

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Olaf Hayer
Genres Power metal, heavy metal
Instruments Vocals
Associated acts Luca Turilli, Magic Kingdom, Symphonity, Dionysus, Treasure Seeker, Lord Byron

Olaf Hayer is a power metal vocalist from Gifhorn, Germany. He is the former frontman of Dionysus, a Swedish power metal band.[1]


Olaf Hayer began his career with Lord Byron in 1993, recording a demo and a full-length album a few years later. Until 2006, Hayer became part of Luca Turilli's band alongside singer Alessandro Conti (member of Trick or Treat). Turilli was famous as part of Rhapsody of Fire.

Later on he joined Dionysus, a Swedish power metal band with which he recorded three full-length albums. He became frontman of the band.

In 2008, he was part of Symphonity, a power metal band from the Czech Republic for their album Voice from the Silence. He is married and has two children.


Treasure Seeker

  • A Tribute to the Past (1998)

Lord Byron

  • Fly Free (2000)


Luca Turilli

Magic Kingdom

  • Symphony of War (2010)


  • Voice from the Silence (2008)
  • King Of Persia (2016)

Guest appearances[edit]