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This article is about the German glider aerobatic pilot. For the ski jumper, see Olaf Schmidt (ski jumper). For the British Army bomb disposal expert, see Olaf Schmid.

Olaf Schmidt (born 1962) is a German glider aerobatic pilot.[1]

He joined his gliding club, Bremer Verein für Luftfahrt e.V., at the age of 13, gaining his glider pilot licence at the age of 16 and a glider and his motor glider instructor rating in 1983 at the age of 21. Since 1984, he has assisted at glider aerobatic courses as a tow pilot. He obtained a glider aerobatics rating in 1987. In 1994 he competed in a glider aerobatic competition in the advanced category for the first time. The 1998 German National Championship was his first competition in the unlimited category.

He became a member of the German National Glider Aerobatics Team in 2001. Since then he has competed in the European and in the World Glider Aerobatic Championships.[1]

Achievements in glider aerobatic competitions
year contest location category ranking team ranking
1998 German Championships unlimited n/a
2000 German Championships unlimited 8 n/a
2002 German Championships unlimited 8 n/a
2003 World Championships Pér, Hungary unlimited 17
2004 German Championships Biberach an der Riß, Germany unlimited 14 n/a
2004 European Championships Moravska Trebova, Czech Republic unlimited 28
2004 Open Dutch Championships unlimited 1 n/a
2005 Open British Championships Vale of Belvoir (Saltby airfield), UK[2] unlimited 1 n/a
2005 World Championships Serpukhov (Drakino airfield), Russia unlimited 28
2006 German Championships Bad Frankenhausen, Germany unlimited 4 n/a
2006 European Championships Rybnik, Poland unlimited 13 3 (with Eugen Schaal and Markus Feyerabend)
2006 Open Dutch Championships Deelen, Netherlands unlimited 1 n/a
2007 World Championships Niederöblarn, Austria unlimited 4 (best German) 2 (with Markus Feyerabend and Eugen Schaal)
2008 German National Championships Rothenburg (Oberlausitz), Germany unlimited 2 n/a
2008 European Championships Radom (Piastow airfield), Poland unlimited 13 3 (with Markus Feyerabend and Hans-Georg Resch)