Olan (dish)

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Place of origin Southern regions of the Indian subcontinent
Region or state Indian subcontinent
Associated national cuisine India

Olan (pronounced [oːlan]) is a dish that is part of the Kerala cuisine of the state of Kerala in South India.[1] It is a light and subtle-flavored dish prepared from white gourd, ash-gourd or black-eyed peas, coconut milk and ginger seasoned with coconut oil.[2] It is usually served as part of a Sadhya.[2]


Kerala style[edit]



  • Soak the beans overnight.
  • Pressure cook until 3/4 done.
  • Add chopped pumpkin, salt and slit green chiles.
  • Cook with a little water.
  • When the pumpkin and the beans are completely cooked, pour hot oil tempered with curry leaves into it.
  • Add the coconut milk and simmer for 3–4 minutes.

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