Olav Viksmo-Slettan

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Viksmo-Slettan on board the lifeboat RS Liv during the filming of the TV-show Sommeråpent in 2002.

Olav Viksmo-Slettan (born 27 April 1965 in Tolga) is a Norwegian radio and television reporter for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Starting his radio career for Radio Vest,[1] he later worked as program director for the television series Reparatørene and Sommer-Lørdag, as well as presenter and reporter for the radio programs Reiseradioen and Nitimen. In 2000, together with Børge Ousland, he was one of the first persons to live broadcast a North Pole-expedition.[2] From 2010 and onwards, he function as NRK's commentator for the international music competition Eurovision Song Contest.

In addition to working in the media, Viksmo-Slettan is also an author, and has written several books.


  • Du skjødded iggetigg! (1999) Together with Hans-Petter Jørgensen
  • Pappa (2001)
  • Reparatørene (2002)
  • En fin dag for fotball (2003) Together with Arne Scheie
  • Hevnerens håndbok (2005)
  • Den bemerkelsesverdige historien om Dingo Mortmann (2006)
  • Norske Blinkskudd (2008)