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Olchfa Comprehensive School
Olchfa School Logo.svg
Motto Dysg Dawn Daioni
Type Secondary School
Headmaster Hugh Davies
Location Gower Road
City and County of Swansea
Wales Wales
Local authority Swansea
Students 1,913 - December 2008
Ages 11–19
Colours Blue and red
Website www.olchfa.org.uk

Olchfa School (Welsh: Ysgol Gyfun yr Olchfa) is the largest comprehensive school in Swansea, South Wales, with approximately 2,000 pupils. It provides secondary education for GCSE and tertiary education leading to A-Level qualifications. The school is situated in Sketty Park to the west of Sketty.

Academic performance[edit]

According to Estyn, the school has a current GCSE pass rate of 72% (based on 5 GCSEs, grades A*-C); placing it in joint 19th place in Wales, or in the top 10%. It is also the joint second best performing secondary school in Swansea, sharing its standing with Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr, behind Bishopston Comprehensive School.[citation needed]


The school is made up of different sections:

Main Building: Teachings in the main building include English, Science, History, I.C.T., Geography, Religious Studies and Languages. The main building also has a D&T department, with the ground floor housing metal and wood workshops and computer graphics room, and the 1st floor housing textile and cookery rooms. The main building has two halls; the 'Main Hall' and the 'Drama Hall', both are used to function school assembles and catering school dinners at lunch time. It also contains the Sixth Form Block, a recreational room for Sixth Form students to do to during free lessons and during their break and lunch breaks. Above the Sixth Form Block is the school's library and Learning centre, complete with study material as well as computers that pupils can use in their free time. The Sixth Formers have access to a computer area dedicated to their use only.

South Block: Teachings include Art & Design, Music, drama, French, maths and English . The South Block also contains the school's 'South Hall'; a hall containing theatre stage with lighting and space for chairs to be laid out, typically for stagings of school play and theatre productions.

Maths block: Teachings in this building include mainly of Mathematics but consist of some laboratories on the ground floor which now accommodate mainly Physics lessons, due to the schools demand for more science rooms when the building was built.

P.E. Department: Teachings consist of P.E. and Sport. It facilitates a 20m indoor swimming pool, 1 large asphalt sports room, a gym room, a fitness suite and a fully functioning gym containing treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and a synergy 360 to name just a few. Lessons are also conducted outside on the school's field, which has an oval running track, 3 sets of tennis courts and playing fields, complete with football goals and rugby posts.

The school also consists of smaller demountables throughout the plot that teach a variety of subjects.

Extra curricular activities[edit]

At the end of the summer term the timetable is suspended for a day for activities. Pupils have the opportunity to take part in activities, some in the United Kingdom, some in Europe and many based in school and the local area. There are also many clubs and societies to be a part of throughout the year.

Olchfa participates in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Notable former pupils[edit]

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