Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon

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Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon
Old Boys- The Way of the Dragon poster.jpg
Directed byChopstick Brothers
StarringChopstick Brothers
Qu Jingjing
Wanting Qu
Release date
  • 10 July 2014 (2014-07-10)
Running time
97 minutes
Box officeUS$32,800,000

Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon (Chinese: 老男孩猛龙过江) is a 2014 Chinese comedy film directed by the Chopstick Brothers (Xiao Yang and Wang Taili) and starring Chopstick Brothers, Qu Jingjing and Wanting Qu. It was released on 10 July 2014.[1][2]


Two Aspiring Chinese brothers (Da Bao and Xiao Shuai) reminisce about when they were young, and had dreams of becoming famous musicians (Named "The Chopstick Brothers", after the actors in real life) who play in New York. Xiao Shuai of them now live with his father in law, who calls him a failure, Da bao sings. The patrons of the venue he sings at frequently send him cartons of beer wanting to see him get drunk. He always drinks them and throws up, feeling like a failure.

A flashback reveals that while younger, they were playing at a bar, a women came up to one of them. Da Bao and the women kissed and dated for a while, but the women went to New York to pursue her dreams. Back in the present, Da Bao gets fired out of the menu. Outside, a western "Musician manager" named Chirs approached Da Bao, saying he had talent, and could make it in New York on a TV show "Voice of an Angel" (A show much like American Idol). To do so, the chopstick brothers must reunite, and pay a 100,000 RMB "Consulting fee". After some reluctance and discussing with his brother, they agree to do it. Da Bao borrows money from his Father in order to pay the consulting fee.

They leave for New York, where a man is with the Daughter of a mob boss (Who is dead). The man is now in a position to take over the Mob, to prove to her that he is capable of doing so, she asks him to kill one of the Judges from "Voice of an angel", as the judge said she sounded like a sheep when she competed in the show. The judge is later revealed to be Da bao's old girlfriend, who made it big in New York. The man goes to his mob friends and ask if they could kill the judge for him. They said it was too high profile, and they needed someone external to do it. The mob propose to use two Korean assassin brothers, who had martial art skill. The man accepts and they hire the Koreans to do the job.

Both the Korean assassins and the Chinese brothers arrive in New York at the same time. They go through security at the same time. One of the Chinese brothers say it's crazy they have to go through security after getting off the plane, the other says "Thats america for you". There is very high security with many armed guards surrounding the area, this caused the Koreans to be on edge. One of the Chinese brothers had an object resembling a bomb in one of the suitcases, causing an alarm go off while going through the XRay machine. One of the guards tells everyone to get down. The Koreans, thinking they had been found, stayed up and adopted a fighting stance. A guard rushes them shouting at them to get down, the Koreans throws the guard onto the ground. The rest of the guards raise their weapons, arresting them.

The Chinese got through security without a problem after that, waiting for Chris to pick them up, after a while, they called Chris, but he is in a bar drinking, he claims he was stuck in traffic, and he sent people to pick the two up. The mob approach the Chopstick Brothers thinking they were the assassins, saying they were there to pick them up. At the mob bosses hideout, one of the mobsters do butterfly knife tricks in front of Da Baos face, Da Bao takes the butterfly knife, does his own tricks, and pretends to stab his brother in the chest. This turned out to be an act.

The mob boss showed them a clip of the Judge calling his girlfriend a sheep. Xiao Shuai, angered by the fact that Da Baos old girlfriend made it big in New York, said "Kill her, kill this bastard", further causing the mob boss to think that they were the Assassins.

At the competition, the Chopstick brothers perform the viral Chinese song "Little Apple" for the judges (Little Apple was originally meant for this movie, after becoming successful, the Chopstick Brothers made it a full Single). Pulling out guns at the end as part of the show.



The film has grossed US$32.80 million in China.[3]


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