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Old Chang Kee Ltd.
IndustryFood and Beverage
FoundedSingapore (1956; 62 years ago (1956))
Key people
Han Keen Juan, Chairman
ProductsSingaporean Snacks
An Old Chang Kee stall at Far East Plaza, Singapore.

Old Chang Kee (Chinese: 老曾记; pinyin: Lǎocéngjì) is an established snack, food and beverage chain in Singapore specialising in curry puffs and other local snacks. Established in 1956, Old Chang Kee started off as a small stall outside Rex Cinema at McKenzie Road which still exists. Its current chairman, Han Keen Juan bought over the establishment which was about to fold up in 1986 and revived the business. The preparation to go halal began in 2004. On completion of all their documentation process, the Halal certification application was submitted at the end of October 2004. Old Chang Kee product, outlets and 2 central kitchens were officially certified Halal by MUIS on 7 January 2005.[citation needed]

Old Chang Kee was one of the six winners of the SPBA Distinctive Brand Awards 2005 and also one of the Singapore Brand Award Heritage Award Winner 2005. Old Chang Kee is located at Woodlands Terrace(Singapore) as the only production ground necessary for Singapore.

Old Chang Kee is known for its curry puffs and introduced other types of curry puffs and snacks since 2005. That same year, the products underwent rebranding with its curry puffs renamed as Curry'O.[citation needed]

There are eighty outlets operating across Singapore[1] with three in China, two in Malaysia, four in Indonesia and three in the Philippines.

The company was incorporated in Singapore on 16 December 2004 as a private limited company under the name Old Chang Kee Singapore Pte Ltd. On 22 November 2007, the Company changed its name to Old Chang Kee Ltd. in connection with its conversion into a public company limited. The company was listed on 16 January 2008 on Catalist-NS.[citation needed]


Some of the products of Old Chang Kee

Aside from the curry and sardine puffs, the company sells other types of snacks and finger food such as spring rolls, yam cakes, carrot cakes, as well as fishballs, gyoza, fried cuttlefish, breaded prawns, chicken nuggets and fried fish fillets.[citation needed]


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