Old Chinatown, Cleveland

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Cleveland Chinatown
Neighborhood of Cleveland
Coordinates: 41°28′56″N 81°40′11″W / 41.48222°N 81.66972°W / 41.48222; -81.66972
Country  United States
State Ohio
City Cleveland
ZIP Code 44144
Area code(s) Area code 216

Cleveland's original Chinatown existed on the 2100 block of Rockwell Avenue. The area was home to at least 6000 Chinese people in the 1980s.[1]


The original Chinatown's first immigrants came from southern Guangdong province in the 1860s via the transcontinental railroad, thriving until the 1920s-1930s. By the 1960s, many of the Chinese residents had moved out of the area. Its ultimate decline and disappearance came in 2006 with the closing of its last restaurant; it was overtaken by nearby Asiatown. The area is showing signs of revival as Cleveland prepares to attract capital from mainland China to build up the area. There are currently plans to build at least 5 restaurants and to eventually turn Rockwell Avenue into a "food street".[2]

This is a retail street in Cleveland's Asiatown at St. Clair-Superior.