Old City Hall Cenotaph, Toronto

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Toronto Cenotaph
(Old City Hall Cenotaph)
Toronto Cenotaph.JPG
The cenotaph outside of Old City Hall
Coordinates 43°39′07.70″N 079°22′54.21″W / 43.6521389°N 79.3817250°W / 43.6521389; -79.3817250Coordinates: 43°39′07.70″N 079°22′54.21″W / 43.6521389°N 79.3817250°W / 43.6521389; -79.3817250
Location Toronto, Ontario
Designer W.M. Ferguson and T.C. Pomphrey[1]
Type War memorial
Material Granite
Beginning date 1924
Completion date 1925
Opening date November 11, 1925
Dedicated to Those who served in World War I, World War II and the Korean War

The Old City Hall Cenotaph is a cenotaph located at the front steps of Old City Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[2]

Originally built after World War I to commemorate Torontonians who lost their lives in services for Canada, the memorial also commemorates those who died in World War II and the Korean War.[3] It was modelled on The Cenotaph at Whitehall in London, England, was constructed using granite cut from the Canadian Shield and unveiled on November 11, 1925.[4]

The site is one of several locations used for Remembrance Day commemorations in Toronto.[2]


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