Old College, University of Notre Dame

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Old College
University of Notre Dame
Coat of arms shield Old College.svg
Campus quadBond
RectorRev. Brian Ching, C.S.C.
ChapelChapel of the Holy Family
Old College
Old College, University of Notre Dame is located in Indiana
Old College, University of Notre Dame
LocationNotre Dame, Indiana
Coordinates41°42′8.2764″N 86°14′17.4516″W / 41.702299000°N 86.238181000°W / 41.702299000; -86.238181000Coordinates: 41°42′8.2764″N 86°14′17.4516″W / 41.702299000°N 86.238181000°W / 41.702299000; -86.238181000
ArchitectFather Edward Sorin & Bro. Francis Patois, CSC[1]
Architectural styleCollegiate Gothic
Part ofUniversity of Notre Dame: Main and North Quadrangles (#78000053)
Added to NRHPMay 23, 1978

Old College, built in 1843 by the founder of the University of Notre Dame, Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., and the rest of the Holy Cross brothers, is the oldest standing building on campus. Together with other historic structures of the university, it is on the National Register of Historic Places.[2][3]


When university founder Rev. Edward Sorin arrived to the site of the present campus in 1842, the only building present was the Log Chapel. Rev. Sorin had waited for the arrival of an architect, Mr. Marsile, to build a main building for his university, but the architect did not arrive until August 1843; without the support of Mr. Marsile, Sorin decided to build in the mean time this smaller structure in the spring of 1843.[4] This simple brick building once served as dormitories for the students and Holy Cross priests and brothers as well as classroom, clothing room, bakery, and dining hall.[5]

Old College at Notre Dame

In its history, it housed the Sisters of the Holy Cross, the Brothers of the Holy Cross, and it was a college bakery.[6]

Today, the undergraduate seminary for the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Old College is open to those undergraduate men who wish to discern a call to the religious life, while at the same time working to obtain an undergraduate degree. The community combines a structured formation program with the advantages of a Notre Dame educational experience.[7]

Formation and academics[edit]

Old Collegians are introduced to religious life in Holy Cross through daily Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours, spiritual direction, service placements, retreats, one-on-one meetings with their chaplains, and weekly community gatherings. Their academic requirements include 30 credits of philosophy and 12 of theology, but they are free to pursue various degrees, depending upon their academic interests.

Old College

The men of Old College are actively engaged in the community life of the Holy Cross religious community on campus. In addition the Old Collegians work closely with the major seminarians at Moreau Seminary. Joint activities between the two programs include events such as the annual Eucharistic Procession, community dinners, and assisting with prayer and liturgy at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Old Collegians also collaborate with the older seminarians in off-campus activities such as the annual March for Life and the Mundelein Seminary basketball tournament. Men in their senior year of Old College will move into Moreau Seminary to continue their formation so these events play an important role in building brotherhood among the Holy Cross seminarians.[8]


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