Old Dairy Farm Depot

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Old Dairy Farm Depot
A view of the curved, striped end of the South Block from Glenealy, with the words "Arts and people—Fringe Club" painted over a bricked-up window.
General information
Status Leased – arts venue & clubhouse
Architectural style Late Victorian eclectic
Classification Grade I
Address 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong
Current tenants North Foreign Correspondents' Club
South Fringe Club
Construction started 1890
Renovated 1913
Landlord Government Property Agency
Design and construction
Architecture firm Danby & Leigh
Main contractor Dairy Farm
Renovating team
Awards and prizes Antiquities & Monuments Office's Award of Merit
The Old Dairy Farm Depot along Wyndham Street. Lower Albert Road is on the right.
Entrance of the Hong Kong Fringe Club, Lower Albert Road.
The Foreign Correspondents' Club.

The Old Dairy Farm Depot (Chinese: 舊牛奶公司倉庫) or Old Dairy Farm Building (舊牛奶公司寫字樓) is a building in Central, Hong Kong, which currently houses the Hong Kong Fringe Club (South Block) and the Foreign Correspondents' Club (North Block). It is located at 2 Lower Albert Road. The back of the building is located along Wyndham Street, while its edge faces Glenealy.[1]


In 1892, Dairy Farm built a low-rise brick and stucco building on Lower Albert Road in Central for use as a cold storage warehouse. It was designed by Danby & Leigh (now Leigh & Orange).[2] The original depot only comprised about half (the southern part) of the present premises. This warehouse was later renovated and expanded in 1913, 1917 and 1925 to include a dairy shop, a room for meat smoking, a cold storage room for winter clothes and residency for the general manager. The building later evolved into the company headquarters until the company moved in the 1970s.[3]

The Foreign Correspondent's Club started occupying the North Block in 1982. The South Block was acquired by the Hong Kong Fringe Club in 1984.[3] It has undergone many major renovations to make it a vibrant place for contemporary arts since the Fringe Club moved in, in 1983.


The building is built in the Eclectic architectural style with strong Neoclassical and some Arts and Crafts influence. The facade features polychromatic "bandaged" brickworks.[3]


The building is located along the Central and Western Heritage Trail.[4] It was listed as a Grade II historic building in 1981, and as a Grade I historic building in 2009.[5] The project of renovation and refurbishment of the Old Dairy Farm Building and its conversion into the Hong Kong Fringe Club was a winner of the 2001 Hong Kong Heritage Awards, organised by the Antiquities Advisory Board and the Antiquities and Monuments Office.[6]


Coordinates: 22°16′49″N 114°09′22″E / 22.2802°N 114.156°E / 22.2802; 114.156