Old Fitzgerald

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Old Fitzgerald
Old Fitzgerald 12 yr-old.jpg
Very Special Old Fitzgerald,
a 12 year-old Super-Premium Bourbon
Type Bourbon whiskey
Manufacturer Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.
Country of origin Kentucky, United States
Introduced 1870
Alcohol by volume 45.00%
Proof (US) 90
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Old Fitzgerald is a brand of sour mash bourbon currently distilled in Louisville, Kentucky by Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Beginning in 1870, Old Fitzgerald was first produced for rail and steamship lines and private clubs primarily located in the south by John E. Fitzgerald in Frankfort, Kentucky.[1] Around 1900, "Old Fitz" was released to the American public and in Europe as well. It was one of the few distilled using the pot still method, and continued to do so until around 1913. During Prohibition, Old Fitzgerald was one of a select few to distill under government supervision for the national medicinal trade, it was soon after acquired by Pappy Van Winkle for $10,000 who then introduced the “Whisper of Wheat” to the original recipe. By substituting wheat for the more traditional rye in the grain recipe, Old Fitzgerald is finished with a rounder, softer profile compared to other bourbons. It was produced by the Stitzel-Weller Distillery until, after some changes of ownership, the brand was sold around 1992 by Diageo to Heaven Hill, which currently produces and markets it.

Types of Old Fitzgerald[edit]

  • Old Fitzgerald Original Sour Mash
  • Old Fitzgerald 12 Years Old
  • Old Fitzgerald Very Special
  • Old Fitzgerald's 1849
  • Very Old Fitzgerald (8 year)
  • Very Xtra Old Fitzgerald (10 year old, 100 proof; barreled in 1957, bottled in 1967)
  • Very Very Old Fitzgerald (12 year, 100 proof)
  • Old Fitzgerald 100 Proof (Green label)
  • Old Fitzgerald 10 Years Old 101proof

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Further reading[edit]

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