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Proto-Indo-Aryan (sometimes Proto-Indic) is the reconstructed proto-language of the Indo-Aryan languages of South Asia.[1] It is intended to reconstruct the language of the Proto-Indo-Aryans. It is descended from Proto-Indo-Iranian and Proto-Indo-European.[2] It is a Satem language.[3]


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Proto-Indo-Aryan is meant to be the predecessor of Old Indo-Aryan (1500 – 300 BCE) which is directly attested as Vedic and Classical Sanskrit. Indeed, Vedic Sanskrit is very close to Proto-Indo-Aryan, as it is the Vedas, the foundational texts of Hinduism.[4]

The Prakrits are also similar to Proto-Indo-Aryan.

Today, several Modern Indo-Aryan languages are extant.


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