Old Lincoln High School

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Lincoln High School
Lincoln High School is located in Florida
Lincoln High School
Lincoln High School
Tallahassee, Florida
Coordinates 30°26′06″N 84°12′51″W / 30.43488°N 84.21412°W / 30.43488; -84.21412Coordinates: 30°26′06″N 84°12′51″W / 30.43488°N 84.21412°W / 30.43488; -84.21412
Type Public, segregated
Established 1869
Closed 1969
Principal Allen Burch
Color(s) Royal Blue and White
Mascot Tigers
Last updated: 29 December 2017

Lincoln High School (also known as Lincoln Academy) was a high school located in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. It is commonly referred to as "Historic Lincoln High School" or "Old Lincoln". There is no connection with Leon County's current (and distant) Lincoln High School other than name.


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Lincoln Academy opened in 1869 during Reconstruction as the all-black school in Leon County, Florida. It served grades 1 through 12.[when?] Its rival schools[when?] were FAMU High School and Griffin High School, which is now Griffin Middle. Because it was too crowded,[when?] some black students went to Bond School (what we now know as Bond Elementary) for grades 1 through 9.

At night, the school offered vocational classes such as tailoring, cosmetology (taught by Ms. Harris), welding, Spanish (Ms. Rainey), and nursing.

John G. Riley was the first African-American to become principal of a Leon County School when he served as principal of Lincoln Academy, the predecessor to Lincoln High School. In the same area where Lincoln was located was the Lincoln Nursery Center, for children who were not ready for the first grade.

After integration, Lincoln High was closed down and Griffin Middle School was given the Tiger mascot. Lincoln's last two classes were transferred to Griffin; hence the school being renamed Lincoln-Griffin High. Students in the classes of 1968 and 1969 finished from Lincoln-Griffin High.

Lincoln has been through three different stages. It was first located on Copeland Street, then moved to land that was later sold to Florida State University, then moved to its present location on Brevard and Macomb Streets.

The school closed in 1967-68 when Leon County Schools were integrated.

The Class of 1967 was the last class to graduate as Lincoln High School Tigers.

Lincoln High was named after a small section of Tallahassee called Lincoln Heights, an area which was later destroyed. The city extended Frenchtown, so now the area is called Historic Frenchtown. It was owned by a black couple who later sold the school to Leon County Schools for $150 in 1876.

Parts of the Old Lincoln such as the gym and some other vocational buildings were torn down. The main structure that still stands on the grounds is known as the Lincoln Neighborhood Center, and houses various social services. There is also the Lincoln Room Museum, where people can experience Old Lincoln and view some of the artifacts of the school. The original plaque that is engraved in the building remains, inscribed "Lincoln High School Home of the Tigers." The area where the gymnasium is located on campus now was once the school's auditorium, and the stage still remains the same.

After the closing of Lincoln High School, the school that is now known as Amos P. Godby High School was supposed to be named Lincoln High and to have the same colors, mascot, and traditions, but the superintendent at the time of retirement wanted his name on the school.[citation needed] Godby has Lincoln's school colors, but the mascot was changed to the Cougar.

On May 14, 1992, "Old Lincoln" was officially recognized as an historical site by the Historic Preservation Society Florida Heritage Foundation and the Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board.

Colors and mascot[edit]

The school's colors are royal blue and white. Their mascot is the Tiger.

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