Old Man with a Gold Chain

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Old Man with a Gold Chain
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn - Old Man with a Gold Chain - Google Art Project.jpg
Yearc. 1630
Dimensions83.1 cm × 75.7 cm (32.7 in × 29.8 in)
LocationArt Institute of Chicago, Chicago

Old Man with a Gold Chain is a portrait by Rembrandt, painted around 1631 and now in the Art Institute of Chicago.

This painting was documented by Hofstede de Groot as a portrait of Rembrandt's father in 1915, who wrote; "675. HARMEN GERRITSZ VAN RIJN. Half-length, without hands ; almost life size. He is inclined to the left, but his head and eyes are turned to the right. He wears a dark purple cloak, over which hangs a gold chain with a medallion. Round his neck is a small close-fitting steel gorget. In his right ear is a pearl. He has a short greyish beard, and curly hair covered by a broad-brimmed black hat with two dark ostrich feathers. Painted about 1631. Signed on the left at foot with the monogram "R H L" ; canvas, 32 inches by 30 inches. There are copies :

The copy sold by Sedelmeyer was considered the original until 1914
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