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Longteng Bridge
Da'an River Bridge

The former Mountain line (Chinese: 舊山線; pinyin: Jiù Shānxiàn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kū Soaⁿ-soàⁿ) is a railway branch line in Taiwan operated by the Taiwan Railways Administration. It is located in Miaoli County and Taichung.


The Old Mountain Line originally opened in 1903 as a normal segment of the Taichung line. Its operations were suspended in 1998 when a new, more easily navigable section of the Mountain line was opened. It remained inactive until it was reopened in June 2010 to steam train services on special occasions. The TRA did so in order to increase tourism in the region.[1]


Name Chinese Taiwanese Hakka Transfers and Notes Location
Sanyi 三義 Sam-gī Sâm-ngi Taiwan Railways Administration Taichung line Sanyi Miaoli
Shengxing 勝興 Sèng-heng Sṳn-hîn
Yutengping 魚藤坪 Hî-tîn-phiâⁿ Ǹg-thèn-phiâng Near Longteng Bridge
Tai'an (Old) 泰安舊 Thài-an (Kū) Thai-ôn (Khiu) About 1 km from the current site of Tai'an Station Houli Taichung
Houli 后里 Āu-lí Heu-lî Taiwan Railways Administration Taichung line


Most people referenced most narrow definition the old mountain line: single finger Sanyi = after being abolished in between sections. After the road to "new Mountain Line" was completed, the last paragraph is the longest interval abolition. Taiwan Railway Station, the highest elevation in the western trunk - Shenghsing be disabled, in addition Tai'an station and moved westward today Elevated address. After this after years of controversy, in 2010/6/5/(Saturday) from sightseeing reinstated with, there is no scheduled passenger trains. This old mountain line segment monuments everywhere, Chui Ling surrounded by majestic terrain, Water Pik Shan-ching, the scenery is really beautiful.

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