Old Naini Bridge

Coordinates: 25°25′26″N 81°51′01″E / 25.42389°N 81.85028°E / 25.42389; 81.85028
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Old Naini Bridge
Old Naini Bridge captured by Samuel Bourne, in the 1860s
Coordinates25°25′26″N 81°51′01″E / 25.42389°N 81.85028°E / 25.42389; 81.85028
Carries4 lanes
LocalePrayagraj, India
Designdouble-decked truss bridge
Total length1,006 metres (3,301 ft)
Construction end1865
Closed2019 (renovated 2021-2022)

The Old Naini Bridge is one of the longest and oldest bridges in India, located in Prayagraj. It is a double-decked steel truss bridge which runs across the Yamuna river in the southern part of the city. The bridge runs north-south across the Yamuna river connecting the city of Prayagraj to the neighbouring area of Naini. Its upper deck has a two lane railway line which connects Naini Junction railway station to Allahabad Junction railway station, while the lower deck has successfully been facilitating roadway services since 1927.[1][2]

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