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The Old Order River Brethren is a small Christian denomination with roots in the Mennonite church and German pietism.

This body began about 1778 in Pennsylvania. It shares an early history with the Brethren in Christ Church. A group of brethren near the Susquehanna River that had separated from the Mennonites became known as the River Brethren. In 1843, a group left the larger body of River Brethren and established a separate Old Order group. They were sometimes referred to as the York Brethren or Yorkers, because most of the members in 1843 were located in York County, Pennsylvania. This minority group believed the majority of the church was becoming lax in nonconformity to the world and non-resistance, and desired to keep the old doctrines and traditions.[1]

In the year 2000 the church had 331 members organized in five congregations of which four were in Pennsylvania and one in Iowa. In 2014 it had 350 members in five congregations.

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