Old Orhei

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Old Orhei
Orheiul Vechi

Old Orhei (Romanian: Orheiul Vechi) is a historical and archaeological complex, located in Trebujeni, at 60 kilometres (37 mi) north-east of Chişinău, on the Răut River, in Moldova.


The ancient city Old Orhei - a unique natural and historical complex in the open air. It organically combines the natural landscape and vestiges of ancient civilizations. As a result of enormous archeological excavations here there were discovered the cultural layers of different epochs such as - the Paleolithic, Eneolithic, and Iron Age.

Old Orhei contains traces of different civilizations, including the rests of earthen and wooden fortresses of Geto-Dacian fortress (6th-1st centuries. BC. Oe.), Golden Horde fort Shehr al-Jedid (or Yangi-Shehr) (14th century.), Moldavian fort (14th-16th centuries), Orthodox monasteries (c 14th century.), and the Moldavian town Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) (14th-16th centuries).

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Coordinates: 47°19′N 28°58′E / 47.317°N 28.967°E / 47.317; 28.967