Old Sartell Bridge

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Old Sartell Bridge
The Old Sartell Bridge as viewed from the Sartell Bridge to the south.
Coordinates 45°37′05″N 94°12′11″W / 45.61806°N 94.20306°W / 45.61806; -94.20306
Carries Only utility lines
Crosses Mississippi River
Locale Sartell, Minnesota
Maintained by City of Sartell
Design 3 span Truss bridge
Total length 587 feet
Width 28 feet
Longest span 135 feet
Clearance below 18 feet
Opened 1914
Closed 1984

The Old Sartell Bridge is a bridge that spans the Mississippi River in the city of Sartell in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Though still standing, it is closed to traffic and was replaced by the Sartell Bridge constructed about 850 feet downstream. The bridge is around 1000 feet downstream of the Sartell Dam. The bridge was built during a six-month period in 1914, but over the years the bridge became congested and less able to carry heavy traffic. As early as 1957, heavy trucks were found to be too much for the span. When the new bridge was built in 1984, the old bridge was used as a pedestrian footbridge, but it was impractical for this use since there is a factory at the east end. The bridge now carries only utility lines.

The Old Sartell Bridge is a three span pin connected camelback through truss. The camelback design is a specific type of Parker truss, where the polygonal top chord is composed of exactly five sections. Each span of the Old Sartell Bridge is composed of six panels. The bridge is supported by concrete piers and abutments.

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