Old School Revival

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An OSR logo designed by Stuart Robertson that mimics a map depicting a dungeon.

The Old School Revival, Old School Renaissance,[1] or simply OSR, is a movement among players of tabletop role-playing games (especially Dungeons & Dragons) that draws inspiration from the earliest days of tabletop RPGs in the 1970s.[2]

As of December 2013, according to the ENWorld Hot Games tracker the OSR made up 2.16% of D&D discussion on the internet.[3]


The OSR was made possible by the OGL and the relaxed issues with copyright that it allowed.[4] Either Castles & Crusades,[2] or the Old School Index and Resource Compilation (better known as OSRIC),[2][4][5] is considered to be the earliest OSR games and it includes most Dungeons & Dragons retro-clones. Other games considered part of the OSR include Red Box Fantasy, Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, The Black Hack, Dungeon Crawl Classics and sometimes Monsters & Magic'.[5]