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Old Sweet Springs[1] was a resort known for its natural warm spring waters, founded in Sweet Springs, Virginia, United States (now Sweet Springs, West Virginia) in 1792.


Old Sweet Springs is known as the Jefferson Place by many of the locals due to the belief that the main building from the 1830s was designed by Thomas Jefferson himself.[citation needed]

The resort was well known in its time and was visited by many famous people including George Washington, James Madison, Franklin Pierce, Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, Marquis de Lafayette, and Robert E. Lee. The current buildings of the resort were constructed in 1833. Due to its remote location, the resort closed its doors in 1930 and remained vacant for several years before the state of West Virginia purchased it in 1941. The resort was then turned into a home for the elderly and was renamed the Andrew S. Rowan Memorial Home. The old-people's home closed in 1993.

Current use[edit]

For several years the property was left unoccupied and passed between several owners, however as of 2010 the buildings were starting to receive restoration attention.[2] There were plans to restore the resort to its former condition, with amenities such as a golf course, health spa, and skiing.[citation needed]

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